Your definitive guide to 2021’s best clean beauty products from around the world

The winners of the 6th annual Clean Beauty Awards, organized by CertClean, have been announced. Chosen from more than 450 products by 146 beauty expert judges, these toxin-free beauty products represent the best performing options in their categories. Looking for the best natural shampoo, natural moisturizer or natural makeup? You’ll find them here among many other categories, including face masks, body scrubs, beard care and suncare products.

Face Products:


First Place: Night Cream – Alitura

Second Place: Hydrating Face Cream – Birch Babe

Third Place: Aga-Glow™ Capsule Cream – Ku:s beauty



First Place: Klayzyme Mask – The Better Skin Co. 

Second Place: Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse – Sleep Mask – Edible Beauty Australia

Third Place: poreRefining Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Glacial Facial Mask – Alaska Glacial Essentials Skincare



First Place: Beauty Oil – Plaine Products 

Second Place: Hydrate & Glow Face Oil – AYSWE

Third Place: Penny Lane Organics – Facial Serum Oil



First Place: Certified Organic Exfoliating Face Scrub – Viking Beauty Secrets 

Second Place: Super Acai Exfoliator – Eco By Sonya Driver

Third Place: Complexion Polish – Black Chicken Remedies



First Place: Power Trip Facial Serum – Veriphy Skincare

Second Place: Superfood Elixir – KPS Essentials

Third Place: Reviving Rose Infusion Serum – AROMATICA



First Place: Cleansing Face Wash – Organic Works 

Second Place: The Clean Slate – Caldera + Lab

Third Place: Face Wash – Carina Organics



First Place: CellProof® Eye Cream – Modere

Second Place: Ora Eye Contour – Zorah Biocosmétiques 

Third Place: Phytofuse Renew Resveratrol Eye Cream – INIKA organic



First Place: Minimalist Clarifying Willow Bark – Pure + Simple’s Minimalist Brand

Second Place: Flower Berry Essence – Marina Miracle 

Third Place: Exfoliate Glycolic Acid Toner – Pestle & Mortar



First Place: Be Local Lip Balm – Lowen’s Natural Skincare

Second Place: Lip Restore  Dianne Caine Australia

Third Place:  Lip Almighty Nutty Milk – YULIP


Body Products:


First Place: Bare Romance Body Cream – Flora’s Bare Skincare

Second Place:  Sage Nail Balm – Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm

Third Place:  Luxury Body Oil with Mangosteen – jo Browne



First Place: Thinksport Body Wash – Aloe + Tea Leaves – THINK

Second Place: Rhythm Jun Kombucha Soap – Ginger Michelle Apothecary

Third Place: Artisan All Natural Soap – Lemongrass – JustBirch



First Place: Coconut + Sugar Body Polish – Coconut Tree

Second Place: Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub – Eco by Sonya Driver

Third Place: Peppermint & Dandelion Body Scrub – Leaf People



First Place: Respiration Relief Bath Fizz – Kaelen Harwell

Second Place: Uplifting Bath Fizz – Kaelen Harwell

Third Place: The Hive Bath Bomb – PhilanthroBee Skincare



First Place: SPF30+ Face Cream – Moor Spa

Second Place: 100 Suncream – Dr. Orga 

Third Place: 100% mineral Sunscreen – Birch Babe 



First Place: Natural Deodorant – Sunshine Lime – Ultrella

Second Place: Bergamot & Cedar Deodorant (Bicarb Free) – B.BOLD

Third Place: Calm Deodorant – Dom’s Deodorant



First Place: Tribune Bay natural eau de parfum – Wild Coast Perfumery

Second Place: Midnight Ruze – Váhy

Third Place: Luna – Váhy


Hair Products:


First Place: Detoxifying & Deodorizing Shampoo – Sootsoap Supply Co. Ltd

Second Place: Mekabu Hydrating Shampoo – MASAMI

Third Place: Vibrant + Violet Purple Perfecting Shampoo – Flourish Beauty Lab



First Place: Organic Golden Jojoba Oil – Kaelen Harwell

Second Place: Beautiful Curls Curl Defining Creme – Lyla Naturals

Third Place: Triple Treat tonic – PUUR Ingrid



First Place: Sandalwood & Cypress Complete Face + Beard Oil – Leaf People

Second Place: Beard Oil – Pure Heart Essentials

Third Place: Super Soft Leave In Beard Conditioner – Mammoth Beard Co.




First Place: Eye Jewels – dome BEAUTY

Second Place: ART Shadow – MisMacK Clean Cosmetics

Third Place: SUITE Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet Canyon – Hynt Beauty



First Place: Natural Eye Liner – Espresso – Farmer’s Daughter Natural Beauty Products 

Second Place: All Natural Eyeliner Pencil – MarieNatie Cosmetics

Third Place: FORTE High Definition Eye Liner – Hynt Beauty



First Place: am11 – YULIP 

Second Place:  Moisture Locking Lipstick – Patty Mae – MisMacK Clean Cosmetics

Third Place: Hyperreal Lipstick – Kester Black



First Place: Magnetic Mascara – dome BEAUTY 

Second Place: Long Lash Vegan Mascara – INIKA Organic

Third Place: Vegan Lash + Brow Serum – Pickle’s Potions



First Place: Cuticle Oil Freesia – Sienna Byron Bay

Second Place: Miracle Treatment Base Coat – Kester Black

Third Place: Nail Polish – Sienna Byron Bay

Keep this list as your shopping list for the year and beyond. Share this to family and friends who are transitioning into clean beauty products to help conquer the hesitation. Interested to learn more about the clean beauty brands that stand behind their product performance? See the participants, finalists and winners of the prestigious Clean Beauty Awards hereLooking for more clean beauty inspiration? Follow these green beauty influencers for product reviews and recommendations – ones based in the USA, Canada or Europe!

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