Winners: The Best Natural Nail Polish of 2020

CBA 2020 winner of best nail polish

Winners: The Best Natural Nail Polish of 2020

Who loves nail polish? We do! It’s a guilty pleasure, because despite how beautiful they can make your nails look, so many of them are overflowing with chemicals and harsh odour that can worsen our nail health. 

But not today! Now you can have beautifully coloured nails, that are free-from harm, because natural nail polish is now available for us to indulge in – without the guilt! So grateful to the brands for making this happen!

This year, Suncoat’s Top Coat Nail Polish takes the cake! News flash – it ranked an average score of 92/100 points in the Clean Beauty Awards. Amazing!

Best Nail Polish:

1. SunCoat Products Inc. – Top Coat Nail Polish

CBA 2020 winner of best nail polish

You’re covered for nail polish, but if you want to really glamour up naturally, check out the list of the best natural eyeliner, mascaras, eye shadows, lip glosses, and lipsticks – here in one place!

Incorporating self-care into our daily routines is more important than ever before. During times of stress and unknown, we need to do everything we can to bring a little bit of joy into our long days at home.


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