Winners: All Of The Best Natural Makeup Products of 2020 – Everything from Lipstick to Mascara!


Winners: All Of The Best Natural Makeup Products of 2020

Makeup – It’s here for us when we want to dress it up and look spiffy to impress at events, practice our art skills, or just be fancy for fun! 

There’s no doubt that we’re on a constant hunt for the best beauty products. While conventional makeup products have dominated the industry for centuries, the demand for natural makeup products is on the rise. People want what’s good for them, and they know it doesn’t involve putting chemicals on their face! But of course, they also want to invest in what works – and the dedicated panel of judges in the Clean Beauty Awards have made this a lot simpler for you!

These green beauty experts all around the world have determined the best of the best, and here’s the round up of the top performing natural beauty products in 2020:

These are the most beautiful palettes of eye shadows you can find in the natural beauty market today!

Best Eye Colour:

1. MisMacK Clean Cosmetics – ART Shadows
2. Elevé Cosmetics – Crop Top and Flip Flops Eyeshadow Palette
3. 100% Pure – Fruit Pigmented® Rose Gold Palette


Don’t forget to top it off with a natural classic, MarieNatie’s eyeliner that is certified organic!

Best Eyeliner:

1. MarieNatie Cosmetics – All Natural Eyeliner


MarieNatie’s Love Marie lip gloss also reigns supreme this year!

Best Lip Gloss:

1. MarieNatie Cosmetics – LoveMarie Lip Gloss


Bold with beautiful colour and staying power, don’t miss out on these top-rated naturally formulated lipsticks.

Best Lip Stick:

1. Kester Black – First Date Liquid Lipstick
2. YULIP – Wednesday Fever
3. SaltyGirl Beauty – SaltyGirl Beauty Lipstick


These natural mascaras will lengthen, volumize, and beautify your eyes naturally!

Best Mascara:

1. Elate Cosmetics – Elate Essential Mascara
2. Elevé Cosmetics – Lash After Party
3. PHB Ethical Beauty – Mesmerise Mascara


(Even the judges have found some new favourites in this list!)


It’s time to level up your natural cosmetics bag with the best of them! But are you also leveling up your skincare regime with products that benefit your skin and your health too? Check out our list of the best face care products for some top recommendations.

If you’re looking for vegan, nontoxic, stylish products that are packed full of antioxidants, then look no further! Elevé Cosmetics creates products that allow women to feel beautiful and give them the power to rise up. The founder, Gertie Wilson, set out on a mission to revolutionize skin care and makeup with naturally-derived products. Learn more about Elevé Cosmetics and Gertie’s story!


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