Winners: 2020’s Best Natural Face Cleansers and Face Care products

Winners: 2020’s Best Natural Face Cleansers and Face Care products

Over 370 products entered CertClean’s Clean Beauty Awards this year and the most competitive categories were face washes and face care. And the results are in! The judges have spoken; the judges tested and tried a plethora of natural face products — from cleansers to creams to oils to serums to toners and mists! 

Don’t underestimate the power of an incredible face wash – the very best of them can leave your face feeling supple and soft..the perfect canvas to kickstart your daily skincare ritual! Here are the very best natural cleansers in the market today:

Best Face Wash:

1. aiona alive skin care – aiona alive e-citrus exfoliating cleanser
2. Biossance – Squalane + Tea Tree Cleansing Gel
3. Eco Tan – Super Citrus Cleanser


Clean skin allows your toners, serums, creams to live up to their full potential! With a surge of new natural and organic face products popping up at a super-rapid rate – some are so fancy on the outside, it is challenging to decipher which ones live up to their claims and which ones are not-so-fancy in quality. The judges also tried it all when it came to face care — face cream, oil, serum and toners and mists! Here’s the round up of the best face care products in 2020:

Best Face Cream:

1. Iremia Skincare Inc. – Soothing Lotion
2. Iremia Skincare Inc. – Protective Cream
3. Ao Skincare (Distil Skincare LLC) – Raw Nourish AM Treatment

Best Face Oil:

1. Ellie Bianca – Citrus Skin Oil
2. Helena Lane – Skincare Pomegranate & Lemon Nourishing Face Oil
3. Eco Tan – Glory Oil


Best Face Serum:

1. Caldera + Lab – The Good
2. Immersion Botanica – Rosehip Facial Serum for Dry/Damaged Skin
3. Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm – Sensitive Skin’ Face Serum


Best Toner & Mist:

1. Vanessa Megan – Group 11 Active Mist
2. AROMATICA – Tea Tree Balancing Toner
3. isoi – PHA First Toner


The above products hit all the right marks: it is easy to use and it delivers as promised. If you are looking to tame your mane with natural hair products, find the most fitting products for you here! or if you’re looking to do a complete makeover of your bathroom cabinet and makeup bag, see the list of winners here!

Also, consider learning more about the ethos of EcoTan, their professional, tanning, skincare and body care range is Certified Organic by the Organic food Chain Australia, they are accredited Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia, and are accredited by Choose Cruitely Free, and for those who are vegan – their tanning, skincare and body care range is vegan – see the interview with CEO of Eco by Sonya Driver here

Kind to your Skin, Kind to the Earth, and Kind to Women. These are the 3 pillars that guide Ellie Bianca and their products. Ellie Bianca’s CEO, Evelyne Nyairo has a vision of “cultivating a global connection that empowers women, creates resilient communities that exemplifies natural beauty.” To read more about their story and the meaning behind these pillars, check out the interview!

Passionate about nature and formulating herbal personal care products, Cydney Higgins is the founder of Immersion Botanica. Her fascination with plants and their value in skincare has allowed her to create a beautiful brand with stellar skincare products certified nontoxic by CertClean – plus zero-waste, and biodegradable packaging! Learn more about Cydney’s story here!

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Every year, CertClean hosts the Clean Beauty Awards, where the best in clean beauty is determined by an esteemed panel of judges worldwide!

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Winners: 2020’s Best Natural Face Cleansers and Face Care products - Discover Honest Reviews Of Non Toxic & Organic Skincare