Try these deodorants to avoid pesky yellow sweat stains

Ugly yellow stains near your underarms on your favourite outfit? That’s probably one nightmare we’d like to avoid. Have you ever wondered what causes the stains?

If you are one among the gazillion people who believe that it’s the sweat that dries up to leave the yellow residue, we hate to (read hate, as love!) to break it to you that you have been lied to your entire lives.

Sweat is rather colorless (most of the time) and it alone doesn’t cause your outfit to stain. Stains are caused due to the ingredient in your antiperspirants – Aluminum Salts.

Most of the antiperspirants we buy are loaded with Aluminum, an active ingredient that blocks the sweat ducts under your arms preventing any sweat from coming out, leaving it dry. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But isn’t sweating your body’s way to throw-out toxins from your body? We’d say let the body do its job and let’s rather focus on making the right choices. So, ditch the aluminum-laden antiperspirants, and go for detox-enabling deodorants.

We understand that finding the right natural deodorant with the right/safer ingredients could be a daunting task. Most of the deodorants that are safe and all natural could be difficult to get your hands on but we’ve got you covered.


Check out Type A Deodorants:

These deodorants are “free from ingredients such as Aluminum, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, PEG’s etc”.


Deodorants from Type:A were tested by men and women from different walks of life: From avid fitness junkies to pregnant women to breastfeeding moms to athletes, and here’s what they had to say about the product:


So as a sweaty person who has an active job and goes to the gym daily, I was pretty skeptical about another natural deodorant claiming that ‘it works.’ Well, I’ve tried about 5 different types of natural deodorant and this is the only one that hasn’t 1) forced me to reapply throughout the day 2) stained my light color shirts 3) made me break out in a rash. It legitimately lives up to the claims and keeps me fresh all day…. literally ALL DAY. Yes, that means through my job AND a sweaty HIIT workout. So just buy it already and stop being smelly.

This is the best natural deodorant I have ever used. Plus it glides and feels like ordinary deodorant. Fresh feeling lasts all day and no white marks on my shirts. Great product.

After having kids my hormones were all over the place and I Smelled! Tried numerous natural deodorants and nothing worked, was at the point of going to an aluminum deodorant because I couldn’t find anything. A friend recommended Type:A and it worked!! No more searching! Love the smell, keeps me dry all day and no need to reapply throughout the day in fear of it wearing off! Love it!! Thanks Type:A


Of all the deodorants out there, why talk about Type:A deodorants? Well, they’re the finalists of CertClean’s Clean Beauty Awards in the OdourCare Category – this Award has a rigorous judging process which includes over 100 judges who determines the best performing products in the clean beauty industry. So these deodorants in a tube deserves some attention!


Ready to bid adieu to aluminum and the pesky yellow stains? And go for a deodorant that has already established a reputation for being a top performer?

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