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Natural and organic beauty products are gaining popularity around the world as more people learn about how the ingredients in their cosmetics and beauty products can affect their health and that of the earth. Here is a round up of 20+ green influencers based in Europe – learn tips and tricks for reducing your footprint to raw vegan recipes to their favourite natural beauty brands.

Follow these 20+ green influencers in Europe.


Ciara is huge fan of natural skincare and is always looking for new products on the market. Ever since discovering the amazing benefits of switching to all natural products, her skin has cleared and continues to improve. Follow her on Instagram at @ciarascollectionofcoolthings for reviews on clean beauty, tips on eco friendly lifestyle and discovering her latest finds!

Renata Vosyliene

Renata is the only blogger in Ireland that pays attention to the ingredients and what they are doing to you! Through her blog, Green Life In Dublin, Renata is a mission to help all of us to switch to natural and non toxic products. She has very sensitive and dermatitis prone skin, follow her on Instagram at to learn about the better alternatives to conventional skincare products that work for her.

Inga Zabryne


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Inga is the beauty-obsessed blogger behind Organic Beauty Blogger, a green beauty and wellness blog where Inga shares her experiences and honest reviews about products she tried from larger to niche brands while providing some great ingredient info.

Nath Fedorova

Nath is a Berlin-based, Moscow-born polyglot content marketer, part-time fantasy writer, veteran editor and journalist with award-winning published work. Follow Nath and see her holistic view on sustainability.

Samantha Hunt

Samantha was born and raised in Montreal, Canada but is now living in Munich Germany. In 2018 she started her blog My Ethical Edit where she shares review about clean beauty, talks about how to live more sustainably and her passion for ethical, fair and secondhand fashion. She also shares loads of reviews, and her experience living abroad on her Youtube channel and Instagram.

Rachel Cobain


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Rachel is a Green Beauty and Eco friendly blogger who is also a mum to 3 boys. She has a blog called Musings of the Phoenix and has been blogging since 2017. She shares her passions which are clean and cruelty free beauty, eco friendly living and family life.

Sarah Dean

Sarah is the Sydney-born, London-based blogger behind More Than Greens. She is passionate about vegan food, cruelty-free beauty, eco living, and wellbeing. When not writing or at her day job in travel, Sarah can be found drinking coffee or wine, reading, taking photos of nature, or bothering other people’s dogs.

Kellie January

Kellie is a mom of 4 with a passion for natural living. She loves sharing her favorite clean brands, recipes, and non-toxic home products with her followers on Instagram. She started questioning ingredients in food and products when her child got sick over 9 years ago. That experience landed her on Instagram where she slowly built a following of like-minded people. She loves the creative outlet that Instagram gives her and the opportunity to meet and talk with amazing indie brands.

Vicky Farrell

Vicky is a cruelty-free beauty and ethical lifestyle blogger who covers everything from beauty to mental health, to doing more with less. She is a a coffee lover with a passion for writing and creating content around sustainable, cruelty free beauty & lifestyle – see her beautiful photography on her Instagram at @kabukirune.

Timea Racz

Timea Racz is one of the directors at Formulator Hub, an educational organisation that tutors and mentors skincare enthusiasts. She is a qualified teacher, an expert natural skincare and haircare formulator and a student Cosmetic Chemist. For many years she was the Education Manager at Formula Botanica, the online school for teaching organic formulations before being promoted to Head of Formulation and Research. She loves working with natural and organic ingredients as they provide wonderful and much needed botanical power to cosmetic products.

Evelyn Wolf

Evelyn is the Editor of award-winning UK green beauty & lifestyle blog, We Were Raised By Wolves, which showcases all things beauty, health & wellbeing, style and food and drinks. This Environmental Science & Social Policy student has combination skin and is prone to breakouts and prone to eczema flare-ups.

Bryanna Martonis

Founder of The ecoLogical, Bryanna is a teacher, writer, and advocate for greener living. Her journey began after discovering the impact of PPCPs on the environment and human health. She decided to minimize her personal impact and use her knowledge and experience to inspire others to do the same. Bryanna is finishing her PhD while also creating weekly content for her blog, and strives to help others achieve positive change through her detailed reviews, guides, DIY ideas, and outreach. She believes in a holistic approach to sustainability, and represents a wide range of topics on The ecoLogical including eco staples, plastic free alternatives, ethical beauty, natural wellbeing, and more.

Lu Lovely

Lu has been passionate about clean beauty for over seven years. Her journey began with her daughter having sensitive skin.

Lola Skinner

Lola is a mum of two, clean beauty and lifestyle blogger. She has a passion for holistic health and non-toxic beauty. Her blog offers detailed and practical reviews to help readers make informed choices.

Julia Ferrari

Julia Ferrari is a beauty expert with 15 years’ experience, based in London, UK. With a particular interest (some would say obsession) in natural and sustainable skincare, she is always on the hunt for glow-giving products that will give her dull combination skin a radiance boost. She has fine wavy hair which she cares for with solid shampoo and conditioner. Follow Julia on Instagram for the latest trends in sustainable beauty, natural skincare reviews and interviews with brand founders.

Andrea Lee

Andrea Lee is a marketing manager by day and an organic beauty blogger by night. Born in Los Angeles, she currently resides in Switzerland where she blogs about green beauty and organic skincare that keeps her dry skin ageing gracefully. She has fine, chemically processed hair but lots of it and is often wearing a hair mask. Follow Andrea on Instagram @organicbeautylover for the best of green beauty and organic skincare.

Steph Kelby


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Steph Kelby is one of the directors of Formulator Hub, an organisation specifically created to support, educate and mentor skincare enthusiasts from across the world. She is an expert in natural skincare formulation, a qualified aromatherapist and skincare brand founder. She was, until recently, Chief Operating Officer at Formula Botanica, the leading online natural skincare and haircare formulation school. She is a huge advocate for natural and organic skincare and haircare and loves nothing more than experimenting with new and innovative natural ingredients and supporting and mentoring others.

Liz Mimran

A green beauty and eco-conscious lifestyle veteran, Liz has been, since 2013, using her website Smells like a Green Spirit as a resource aiming to provide tools and tips to anyone navigating easily towards a more mindful way of life. In addition to that, Liz has been working as a consultant, translator and copywriter: providing ideas, concepts and support to companies that make a difference.

Ariane Chui

Ariane is a co-founder of the Organic Beauty & Lifestyle Blog, ftoxins. She started the blog with her sister, Delphine, to prove that going natural and organic can be both cool and affordable. As women in their thirties living in London, they regularly share all the natural and organic products they use on a day-to-day basis and also offer great clean swaps for all of our favourite not so clean products. Ariane has a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation so knows her skincare ingredients! Follow them on Instagram to keep “fighting toxins” (their account is private).

Jan Benham


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Jan Benham is founder and head tutor at The Institute of Aromatherapy. With over 40 years experience in Aromatherapy, Holistic Skin Care and Making Natural Cosmetics both in the UK and North America, Jan has developed 100% natural formulas enriched with active organic ingredients to enhance your skin’s natural beauty. Originally trained in the UK as a Holistic Therapist between 1978 and 1980. Jan became a Clinical Aromatherapist and Reflexologist in 1981. In 1985, Jan started teaching for Shirley Price before moving to Montreal, Canada where she founded the Institut d’aromatherapie (School of Aromatherapy) 1986. In 1996, she relocated to Toronto where the Aroma Shoppe was created. Now living in the Netherlands, Jan, as well as being the author of books on cosmetics making and creator of Jan Benham Cosmetics, is focused on research and development.

Myree Kamany

Myree runs an instagram account where she shares tips on how to be more eco-friendly and her passion for skincare. She believes it is possible to find good products for our skin as well for the planet.

Roberta Giampetruzzi


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Language freak, translator, teacher, poetry, art, plant and animal lover and, last but not least, natural beauty enthusiast, Roberta started her journey with natural skincare back in 2010, when she discovered that ingredient lists and good formulas matter and make a difference. Roberta lived in Germany and Austria and is based in Italy but loves to travel…and of course to try clean skincare from all over the world! On her social media and blog she loves to share photos of the products and to tell their stories, with a little help from plants, books and her furry baby Leo.

Samantha McCord

Samantha is the Founder and CEO of Conscious Basket, where she hosts a podcast/YouTube Channel, and is building a marketplace all about the conscious consumer. She is displaying a transparent supply chain so that you know what you buy doesn’t weigh on your conscience.


Who do you follow on social media? Let us know in the comments below – we are always looking to grow the list. See what some of the green beauty influencers say about Iremia Skincare products, PUUR Ingrid products or Moor Spa products.

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Top 20+ Green Influencers to Follow in Europe - Discover Honest Reviews Of Non Toxic & Organic Skincare