The best deodorants to keep daisy fresh

Clean Beauty Awards 2020 OdourCare Finalists

The Best Deodorants to Keep Daisy Fresh

The ballots are in, the votes have been counted. Here, we present the finalists of the odourcare/deodorant category — all tested, tried and loved by the external panel of judges for the 2020 Clean Beauty Awards.

Leave your pit-smelling-while-no-one-is-watching-days behind you. What you used to think about natural deodorants are in the dust, the clean beauty revolution has populated store shelves with effective and innovative products to keep your underarms smelling fresh as a daisy!

And don’t worry – there are no aluminum in these goodies!

Clean Beauty Awards 2020 OdourCare Finalists

Here are 10 deodorants that have stood out:

Routine Inc. – Moon Sisters

Glowing Orchid Organics – Grapefruit & Bergamot – Deodorant

Cleo&Coco – Aluminum Free All Natural Charcoal Deodorant

Black Chicken Remedies – Axilla Natural deodorant paste-original

Routine Inc. – Superstar

SoulDeo Naturals – Vanilla & Coconut Natural Deodorant

Nala Care Inc. – Nala free-from deodorant Lemon Myrtle and Geranium

Routine Inc. – Sexy Sadie

EverKind – EverKind Organic Deodorant – Ultra Stick

Black Chicken Remedies – Axilla Natural Deodorant Paste Barrier Booster

Clean Beauty Awards 2020 OdourCare Finalists

Enjoy these 10 deodorants to celebrate your health living lifestyle – in 2020, you’ve got the resources here to sweat like a beast while feeling good about the deodorants you’ve rubbed under your arm pits! 

Sweat is like your fat crying — so cry folks, cry!

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