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Coconut Oil: If You Haven’t Used It Yet, You Should Start Now

Coconut Oil: If You Haven't Used It Yet, You Should Start Now

Coconut Oil: If You Haven’t Used it yet, You Should Start Now

This amazing fruit is more than just a pretty piña colada with a fancy umbrella. Coconut oil, a versatile natural product so many of us overlook has a plethora of benefits we couldn’t imagine. Did you know that beyond being used as a moisturizer, coconut oil has over one hundred uses and benefits? Not only is it healthier to use than regular cooking oil, it’s also amazing for hair, skin, and can also be used around the house! On top of that, it can sharpen the brain, provide immune support, and even be used to get rid of that stubborn cellulite. As we continue to become more health conscious, we want to know the best natural products to use and coconut oil is definitely one of them. Below, we’ve listed a few natural products skincare enthusiasts can’t get enough of:

1.Immersion Botanica – Rosehip Facial Nutrient Serum

Facial Serum

Immersion Botanica Rosehip Facial Nutrient Serum

Leaves the skin fresh and clean!

I have used this serum daily and have seen an improvement in my complexion, reduced redness and sun spots. Knowing that the ingredients are good for my skin is important to me and I enjoy the fresh scent.


Felt like I was at a spa!

I love this serum. The rosehip is minimizing my wrinkles and giving my skin a lovely glow!

Mohamed F.

So gentle and refreshing!

I love this serum for the incredible moisture it provides. I use it every night. I really depend on it to keep my skin in good condition.


2. Always Bearded – Beard Cream Bergamot & Ylang with Distilled Cedarwood

Shaving Cream

  • Rating: 3.50 out of 5 Stars (10 Reviews)
  • Certification: CertClean
Always Bearded - Begamot & Ylang with Distilled Cedarwood

Feels natural on the scalp!

My hubby tried this product, and while he doesn’t have a beard, he’s used to using natural products which are often great on his skin but way to greasy for his liking. He was happy to report that this cream does the job without being super slippery .. just a great comfortable moisturizer without all the mess.


Gave my hair a natural look!

I really liked this product, especially in comparison to the next one. Firstly, I have a super curly and short beard. This cream has a splendid smell and a great texture to it. It doesn’t stick to your hand (like oil does), and yet it softens the beard a bit which is nice.

Mohamed F.


I typically use a beard oil with a strong scent (and my girlfriend likes). I’ve tried other products and this was the only one that did seem to leave the beard softer. I’m not sure if it was better than the beard oil, but it was a nice change. The only downside was I found I needed to use a lot of it to get it everywhere.


3. Massage Balm Purifying / Revitalizing

Facial Cleanser

  • Rating: 3.80 out of 5 Stars (5 Reviews)
  • Certification: CertClean
Moor Spa Massage Balm Purifying / Revitalizing


I like the smell of this product a lot, but I find on my skin it comes out a little greasy! I have extremely dry skin on my hands (I used it for a hand massage) and it just kind of sat on top. I love the smell and how it melts, but it didn’t absorb much for me.


Gentle yet effective!

Not greasy as long as you give it a good massage. Great as a night cream!


I don’t even need foundation!

Tried the revitalizing balm. As the descriptions says… as soon as you touch the product, it melts into oil. It has a nice unique citrus-y scent, and leaves the skin a bit shiny. It absorbed okay for me, so it gets 4 stars. I’d recommend this balm.



Coconut oil is an essential natural ingredient in today’s world. It can be used for so many things like cooking, cleaning, smoother skin, and overall better health. Are you utilizing coconut oil? If so, let us know what you think about it because here at PurPicks, we always want to know!