Stop Putting Salad on Your Eyes, Use One of These Natural Products Instead!

Looking for ways to reduce the puffiness and or dark circles under your eyes? There’s always cucumbers slices which have been used for decades as a proven home remedy. Potato slices too. And a bunch of teas – from black teas to green teas to chamomile teas. And milk and egg whites. ALL of these approaches suggests you to sit back, relax and rest for an extra 30 minutes. You need it. De-stress. Rest. Rinse and repeat!

But we hear ya. You’re reading this not because you’re looking for a DIY / home remedy approach but looking for something else to complement your efforts. This round up of eye creams is a bit special — they’re all participants of the 4th Clean Beauty Awards hosted by CertClean. So the brands really stand behind the performance and effectiveness of these products! Here’s an ultimate list of eyecare that may be perfect for you:

Best performing eyecare products for 2018


An advanced eye crème expertly formulated to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.


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Calm and cool puffy under eye area with the science of peptides and natural power of cucumber!


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A weightless, ultra-hydrating eye gel that reduces the look of puffiness and dark circles.


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Is your favourite listed here? What is your go-to eye care? By the way, we dig putting cucumber and tea bags on our eyes to reduce puffiness. However, the abovementioned products may complement your efforts! Let us know what your eyecare ritual is in the comments below!

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