Sondra’s Best Cleanser for Combination Skin

Sondra’s Best Cleanser for Combination Skin

Check out what clean alternative product Blogger Sondra Bloxam is from Green Beauty Exchange is using to a conventional product and why!

A Little Bit About Me

With a background in clinical research, I’m always testing products over time to see how effective they are at what the brands say they’ll do. I love brands that invest in research of the plants they use as medicine, who also test their product’s ability to perform before marketing to the beauty community. If a product is backed with science and it’s been proven effective. I am always on board to see how it does on my skin!

Sondra’s Concerns: What I Look For In a Cleanser

To protect support my skin with the highest quality skincare, I look for cleansers/toners/serums/balms/moisturizers without ingredients like coconut oil, wheat, corn, yeast, soy, anything I can’t pronounce that doesn’t register as clean on EWG, and doesn’t have a likelihood of causing irritation for breakout-prone skin. Even in the clean beauty world I read all labels to make sure I’m familiar with every part of the formulation.

I loved this Clinique Cleanser; Now I love Live Botanical Gel Cleanser

It was hard to even remember what my last conventional cleanser was but for the longest time I was very much into Clinique. The branding was nice, the product claims seemed good, but of course now I cringe a bit reading the ingredients. I remember liking the brand but not necessarily feeling good or better after using it. Clinique fell flat and didn’t help my breakouts. Swapping that for the Live Botanical gel cleanser made all the difference, it is so gentle and full of skin soothing herbs and plants that make my skin feel lovely.

Sondra Bloxam

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