PurPicks Wins Women’s Pitch Night in Toronto


A few months ago, PurPicks was just an idea – today, it is the proud winner of Women’s Pitch Night in Toronto!

What is PurPicks?

The PurPicks platform combines everything that every natural beauty- lover dreams about:

  • It provides honest reviews about more than 700 beauty and personal care products, which are certified by the global organic-oriented organizations, such as CertClean, USDA Organics, EWG, and EcoCert. In fact, this number already exceeds that of all the natural beauty products presented on Sephora and Birchbox combined!
  • PurPicks helps people find products that really work. Considering the rapid beauty market development, it might get challenging to choose the best products for your needs. PurPicks got your back on that!
  • PurPicks today is a modern TripAdvisor for nontoxic beauty products: the platform offers the easiest way to discover the natural products.

PurPicks Wins Women’s Pitch Night in Toronto

On the 12th of October, Jenise Lee, the founder of PurPicks, took part in the Women’s Pitch Night in Toronto organized by the division of Volition, Volition Events. This was the first time PurPicks was introduced to the public in such a setting – and it was a pretty successful debut!


Jenise has shared her experience by saying:

“I’m incredibly grateful for such a powerful platform for women to share their startup pitches in such a safe environment. It is also an honour to receive such positive response from the audience”

A total of 8 startups have taken part in this event. While all of the candidates did an amazing job by presenting their outstanding ideas, we are proud to announce that PurPicks officially won the first place spot by audience vote!

About Women’s Pitch Night in Toronto

Volition Events gathers 10-15 entrepreneurs every month, providing them with an opportunity to practice their 90-second pitch in front of the live audience and industry experts.  The name of this cool event – Women’s Pitch Night and it is held in partnership with Women in Tech World and Driven by Women.  The event aims to promote diversity in the tech startup community.

The event has gathered numerous talented and ambitious women that ready to share their inspiring ideas. Aside from the awesome audience and candidates, the event has featured some impressive judges:

Summing up…

Seeing PurPicks win gave us a big motivation inflow – and we believe that each and every idea out there is worth sharing, especially in such great environment!

What do you think of PurPicks? If you can get behind PurPicks, please tell friends and family about us! For nontoxic beauty enthusiasts, consider taking part in our pre-launch campaign to receive free samples.

Share some features that you think PurPicks should have to make it even easier to find the best nontoxic skin care products! Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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