Vegan Vaporub

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Brand: Lowen's Natural Skincare

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Vegan Vapor Rub formula is 100% natural and preservative free. Vegan Vapor Rub is effective thanks to the collective action of the menthol, spearmint and camphor in our formula, which will help to relieve your congestive symptoms and/or your body aches.  Our unique vegetable oil and wax base does more than simply sit on your skin and grease things up (you know who we’re talkin’ about here…).  No, Vegan Vapor Rub will actually penetrate through your skin, while the soothing vapours do their thing.  We feel that it is also important to note that, like all of our products, our Rub is rich in essential fatty acids. This means while soothing your muscles and easing your congestion, it will also condition and soften your skin. All that and it smells awesome!