Tree & Earth – Purifying Australian Green Clay Mask, Ginkgo & Aloe Vera 120Ml

?Purifying Australian Green Clay Mask? is a deeply purifying, soothing and nourishing face mask made with a unique blend of super fine Australian Olive green clay, Activated charcoal, Oat meal and potent herbal extracts of Gingko Biloba, Aloe vera, Green Tea, and White Willow Bark.

Australian Olive Green Clay is one of the strongest clays for cleansing and detoxification and is especially beneficial for acne-prone and oily skin as the minerals in the clay help to balance the skin?s natural sebum production and draw out impurities.
Activated charcoal has got a strong purifying effect, drawing out bacteria, toxins and dirt from the pores.
Pure extracts of Gingko biloba and Green Tea are powerful antioxidants promoting healthy skin structure and encouraging cellular regeneration.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-redness properties of both Green Tea and White Willow Bark help to calm and soothe irritated and congested skin.
The natural content of salicylic acid in White Willow Bark serves as a peeling agent helping to remove old and dead skin cells making way for new and fresh skin cells while Aloe vera is healing and hydrating.
Finely ground Oat meal adds gentle exfoliating benefits to the blend, helping to remove dead skin cells, calm inflammation and stimulate circulation.

?Purifying Australian Green Clay Mask? is especially recommended for congested and oily skin types but is also very beneficial to normal skin types needing a boost and deep cleanse with the added benefit of a natural gentle peeling effect.

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