Nuvsio – Purifying Mineral Mask

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The concentrated facial mask formula is best if applied 2 times per week and as a gentle cleanser nightly. As a NIGHTLY CLEANSER: use an almond size of the Purifying Mineral Mask as your last cleansing step and massage gently on moist skin with moist fingertips, then rinse right away with warm water. Using our mask as a nightly cleanser can help repair some of the damage from detergents and soaps by protecting the skin?s natural microbiome and by forming a protective layer on the skin. As a DEEP WEEKLY TREATMENT: use a walnut size of the Purifying Mineral Mask on moist skin and massage gently for approximately 1 minute. Leave the minerals on the skin until you feel tightening sensation but DO NOT let the mask dry. Rinse with warm water and towel dry. It is recommended to immediately follow with NuVsio Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate. Avoid the eye contour. As a nightly cleanser or a 2x weekly deep treatment, the Purifying Mineral Mask should be applied as the LAST STEP prior to any serums or creams.

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