Nuvsio – Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate

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It is recommended to use this balm right after the Purifying Mineral Mask application as these two products work synergistically to create a Protective ?second skin? Mineral Layer. The micro-minerals from the Purifying Mineral Mask remain on the skin after rinsing and they associate with the minerals from the balm to further protect and calm the skin (Active Mineral Association). Recommended twice a day (morning/night) as a skin primer that can be also blended with foundation (for a light silky coverage) in the morning and with harsh actives such as retinol and AHA (to significantly minimize inflammation) at night. Activate the formula by warming a pea size of the balm between fingers for a few seconds and gently press into the skin. The Minerals within the Balm formula will remain on the skin, providing additional long term skin protection.

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