Nena Skincare – Cleansing Cream

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Brand: NENA Skincare

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GLOWING SKIN: Rich in lemon and other fruit extracts, this cleanser works gently to effectively remove makeup, pollutants, and dead skin cells, revealing soft and glowing skin.
DEEP CLEANSE: high-performance Glacial Oceanic Clay and Glacial Mineral Water draw out toxins trapped within the skin. Gentle exfoliation promotes cellular turn-over and a toned, radiant appearance.
INTENSE HYDRATION: Glacial Oceanic Clay “pulls” moisture from the deeper layers of the skin towards the surface, literally “hydrating the skin from within”. Internal hydration is especially effective to even and smooth the skin’s surface texture.
FRUIT ACID: Fruit-based acids including lactic, citric and glycolic acids promote skin cell renewal and gentle exfoliation to revel bright, toned skin and a healthy glow.

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