Nena – Clay Mask

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DETOX: Rich in over 60 minerals and rare earth elements, Glacial Oceanic Clay is the most unique clay available. Found in only one region in the world, the Pacific North Coast of Canada, Glacial Clay is negatively-charged, making it a powerful magnet for the positively-charged impurities trapped in the skin.

REDUCE SEBUM/PORE SIZE: Clinical Studies show that Glacial Oceanic Clay affects a 95% reduction of skin surface sebum.

TIGHTEN PORES: Clinical Studies show that Glacial Oceanic Clay has an immediate reduction in pore size, particularly dilated pores after only one application.

HYDRATING ACTION: Glacial Oceanic Clay “pulls” moisture from the deeper layers of the skin towards the surface, literally hydrating the skin from within. Its high “cation-exchange capacity” (negative charge that attracts positively charged toxins) captures impurities without leeching moisture from the skin, leaving your complexion soft and supple.

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