Lowen’s Natural Skincare- Sea Salt Scrub

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Lowen’s exfoliating Sea Salt Scrub is lovingly made with Vancouver Island Sea SaltExtra Virgin Fair Trade Coconut Oil from our friends Jedwards and Cold Pressed Organic Hemp-seed Oil from our new friends at Hemp Oil Canada.

For at home spa treatments, all you need to do is grab a pinch of scrub and slowly work it into the areas of your body you want to soften.  When the salt granules are reduced to a fine powder, simply rinse off with a little water and you are off to the races!  You can also do a full body scrub in the shower.  Just bring the jar with you, grab the scrub as you need it and work it into your skin as described above.  When you’re done, just rinse off or just bask in the aromatic serenity.

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