Lowen’s Natural Skincare – Smooth Criminal Shave Balm

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Smooth Criminal Shave Balm is Lowen’s latest high performance product offering. Like everything we do, we worked pretty hard to create something unique, effective, affordable, long lasting, safe and suited for all skin types. Prove it you say?

Here goes, Smooth Criminal shave balms is different in that it actually cleanses in addition to providing superior lubrication for a trouble-free shave. We included the same coconut based cleansers (Coco-Betaine and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate) that we we use in our shampoo – Shampoo is Betta!, face and body wash – You Sure Clean Up Nice!, and exfoliating cleanser – Get Buff! Why is this important?

Well, we have found that your razor can become clogged up with other shave balms, especially so if you forgot to thoroughly rinse them out before putting them away. These cleansers help solve that problem! In addition, when you are looking for a high lather in your balm, add a little water to it and sick your shave brush on it – viola! super-foam. Finally, when you are done shaving, the excess/used balm will wach clean away and actually cleanse your skin in the process. Pretty convenient we think.

Now if that isn’t enough,Smooth Criminal Shave Balm also contains aloe vera, oat oil, and honey to provide extra conditioning power. All this in an unscented, gluten free, non-GMO based ingredient, cruelty free and EWG Verified product. Yeah, we’re pretty happy with what we’ve been able to put together for you – it took us a while to make it happen but like the saying goes, nothing worthwhile comes easy…

Here are the usage instructions in case you wanted to see what we put on the label:


Squeeze out enough Smooth Criminal Shave Balm to thoroughly cover the spots you want a superior shave on. If you’re looking for some extra lather action, add a little water to the balm, then rub your hands together to create your desired level of suds prior to applying to your skin. As an extra bonus, this balm cleanses and conditions as it lubricates, meaning it will leave your face feeling clean and smooth. For external use only (so don’t eat it!)

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