Lowen’s Natural Skincare – Conditioner Is Betta! Biodegradable Conditioning Rinse

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Brand: Lowen's Natural Skincare

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Our cruelty free conditioning rinse which, like our Shampoo draws its name from the Billy Maddison movie (more on that later), will kick back at frizz and tangles with the combined action of honey, panthenol (AKA Provitamin B5), virgin/fair trade cocoa butter and coconut oil while strengthening your lovely locks with power of quinoa protein. For those of you with a little scratchiness, we also include oat kernel oil to calm that beast and, like in Shampoo is Betta!, we added in a little peppermint oil for little tingle effect and really adds the cherry on top of this sunday as it makes Conditioner is Betta! smell