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Brand: Just the Goods

Just the Goods’ range of gender neutral perfume and aromatherapeutic oils are made with essential oils, absolutes, and attars that blend with the wearer’s natural chemistry to create a personal scent that holds close to the body. Artificial scents, and chemical fixatives, propellants and/or preservatives are never included as they are associated with allergies among other health risks that simply do not meet Just the Goods’ high standards.

Fragrance Line:

Energizing eucalyptus twist takes bright eucalyptus essential oil, splashes it with fresh and fruity lemon and lime essential oil, then delicately softens it with a touch of floral petitgrain, known for its ability to calm anger and relieve stress << EWG VERIFIED™
Romantic neroli + ylang ylang is a love affair between two deeply smoldering florals — breathe deeply and be transported to into something extraordinary << EWG VERIFIED™
Delicious playful, featuring vanilla and clove, is reminiscent fresh baking with a flirty twist << EWG VERIFIED™
Spicy nights is a sensual tryst involving the aphrodisiac effects of ylang ylang and cinnamon and the energetic freshness of sweet orange — get seductive and have fun! << EWG VERIFIED™
Softly floral steamy dreamy carries you into another world, a soft and romantic space between ethereal imagination and corporeal bliss << EWG VERIFIED™
Warm and moody wild woods is a complicated blend of essential oils derived from exotic woods and smoky florals with a touch of sweet orange essential oil to put it all into context. Includes labdanum, rosewood, sandalwood, orange, patchouli and just a hint of rose, among others… << EWG VERIFIED™
Aromatherapeutic line:

Love and rage offers a fresh blend of rosemary, lavender, peppermint, and ylang ylang essential oil with softening honeysuckle attar to stay calm, feel love, and change the world!
Safety net includes cardamom, jasmine, and mandarin essential oil to helps calm stress and anger << EWG VERIFIED™
Uplifting inspires positivity through the warmly energetic scent of bergamot and the pleasantly soothing aromas of rosewood and geranium — a quick yet gentle pick-me-up to help you carry on with your day. << EWG VERIFIED™
Please note that the packaging has changed since these photos were taken and I haven’t yet had an opportunity to update individual images. Bottles appear as they do in the last group image.

To protect the integrity and longevity of this handmade product created without artificial preservatives, please store in a cool, dark place as heat and sunlight will cause premature deterioration. Use within 6 months.

Just the Goods - Just The Goods Vegan Perfume Aromatherapeutic Oils - Discover Honest Reviews Of Non Toxic & Organic Skincare