Blessed Alchemy – Full-Filled Lash & Brow Boost Serum

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Brand: Blessed Alchemy

Craving naturally full & filled brows? Longing for the lushest lashes? Full-Filled will provide a visibly gratifying boost to your brows that will have you reaching for a brush instead of a pencil, and false lashes will be a fragment from the past.

This juicy serum features: Amla, which contains phyto-nutrients, vitamins & minerals that are excellent for stimulating hair growth. Bhringaraj strengthens blood vessels to increase blood flow. Pumpkin Seed Oil is packed with Zinc, which promotes hair growth. Grape seed oil contains Vitamin E which rebuilds tissue, and protein. Avocado Oil also contains Vitamin E, and jojoba Oil repairs hair cells; while Aloe restores skin’s pH balance. Health always comes with a boost! Fall in love with the full potential of your beauty & save time getting ready to work on your brilliant ambitions instead. Be bold & feel the fulfilment!

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