Product Spotlight: Wild Coast Perfumery Tribune Bay Eau de Parfum will make you feel like you are on your favourite beach

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Wild Coast Perfumery Tribune Bay eau de parfum

Wild Coast Eau de Perfume – featuring Tribune Bay EdP is in the spotlight.

Do you want to take your senses to the next level? Then check out Wild Coast Perfumery Tribune Bay EdP!

Wild Coast Perfumery brings to you all natural, artisan eau de perfumes which will put you in that holiday mode we are all craving. These location inspired, completely natural, botanical perfumes are blended on Vancouver Island and are long lasting, cruelty free, synthetic free and just plain beautiful!

Magnificent – truly divine (all natural) scents that’ll satisfy even the pickiest fragrance lover!

Why is the Tribune Bay so incredible?

Our new release, Tribune Bay sold out overnight. Everyone wants to escape reality right now and this fragrance sweeps you away.

What does the product do? How does it work?

Tribune Bay’s fragrance will make you smile. It Smells like having a Pina Colada on your favorite beach! Amazing!

Tell us more about the key ingredients! What are the benefits?

Following are the key ingredients that help Tribune Bay transfer you to your favourite holiday destination:

Vanilla essential oil is a known relaxant.

Coconut Co2 Extract’s rich, warm and buttery fragrance is very uplifting.

Balsam Poplar buds (P. balsamifera) are pungent and powerful, bursting with natural resins that are used for injury, pain-relief, skin conditions, burns, and respiratory ailments. But smells like fresh laundry!

What inspired you to create so many fresh fragrances?

All our evocative fragrances are inspired by scent memories of our favorite places. We hope that they make you think of your favorite place when you wear them. The company started 3 years ago but was really 3 decades in the making. Learning, researching and fine tuning. Each fragrance has a “wild harvested” ingredient to help connect us to nature and to what really matters. We are completely transparent and list our ingredients online.

Who loves this product? Who is it made for?

People are loving our Tribune Bay because it’s just a fun loving, unserious fragrance that reminds us of carefree innocent times. It just makes you smile!

Thank you Wild Coast Perfumery for sharing more about your Tribune Bay EdP!

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Product Spotlight: Wild Coast Perfumery Tribune Bay Eau de Parfum will make you feel like you are on your favourite beach - Discover Honest Reviews Of Non Toxic & Organic Skincare