Praveena’s Best Lip Balm for Extra Plump Lips

Praveena's Clean Swap
Praveena's Clean Swap

Praveena’s Best Lip Balm for Extra Plump Lips

Check out what Praveena, green beauty blogger from @conscious_lifestyl, is using to a conventional product and why!

A Little Bit About Me

Ever since I realised the effects of the ingredients present in my day to day grooming essentials I started reading ingredients, exploring clean beauty products. Having explored a variety of cleanbeauty products over the years, I have grown to pick products that are safer,cleaner and that which contributes to maintaining my dry mature skin healthy.

Praveena’s Concerns: What I Look For In a Lip Balm

I am someone who doesn’t choose to colour my lips with micas. I have soooper dry lips, so the qualities that I look for in a lip balm is that it should be soooper hydrating and also enhance the natural colour of my lips lightening my lip pigmentation.

I loved Maybelline’s Baby Lips Color Changing Balm; Now I love Raw Beauty’s “Lip Lock” Lip Balm

Before I had all this awareness, I had tried the Maybelline color changing balm. After I started exploring green beauty products that are absolutely safer, I discovered this “Lip Lock” lip balm from Raw Beauty.Suniyana the founder and formulator has graduated from Formula Botanica. True to the brand name, their products are free from any strong/harsh ingredients, preservatives, it’s completely green,clean and a 100% safe. This lip balm keeps my lips hydrated for very long, I hardly find the need to reapply every few hours. It is also plant pigmented using beetroots and annato infusions that adds a peachy gloss to the lips. I now know I have found the lip balm for me and I am not going back.

Praveena's Clean Swap
Praveena's Clean Swap

Praveena Sundararajan

I am Praveena. I am Business Analyst in an IT firm by profession and a blogger by passion. I share about the conscious lifestyle choices available to us out there, the ones I have made my experiences on green beauty products, good life style practices and some possible sustainable switches etc. on my feed. Do follow me on Instagram if you like my feed.

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