New Skincare Trend: How to start “Oil Cleansing”

 What if I told you it is easy to get that dewy healthy skin with the help of chemical-free skin care….and cleansing with oils? That is exactly what we will discuss today with our guest!

Meet Vicki Aitken, an Esthetician with a passion for skin and body care products. Vicki started her career as a Certified Esthetician in May of 2012.  Her passion for body sugaring is combined with the love for natural and organic skincare.

Vicki strives to educate clients on paying more attention to the ingredients in their the beauty products, especially when it comes to facial care.  Short ingredients lists that actually make sense, and are free of chemicals or fillers are important to her. She fell in love with oil cleansing after first trying Helena Lane organic skincare.

Vicki has fair normal skin.  She says: “If you ever find yourself feeling tight and dry after washing your face… it’s time to give oil cleansing a try.”  

What is Oil Cleansing?

Vicki explains the theory of Oil Cleansing:

“Our skin naturally produces oils (sebum), and we need it in order to keep our skin healthy and happy.  Traditional skin care strips the bad, and unfortunately the good oils away, leaving our skin to (in some cases) over produce sebum to repair itself.”

Vicki believes that since she started oil cleansing, her skin became much healthier and she started wearing less makeup. How wonderful is that?

While exploring natural skin care, this esthetician discovered Helena Lane.

Oil Cleansing with Helena Lane

Helena Lane is a line of handmade skin care products – all bearing the CertClean certification. All of the products are made using only “completely unprocessed, unrefined and certified organic plant-based ingredients, all selected for their ability to produce real, visible results.”

Helena Lane Cleansers

Helena Lane Cleansers have a reputation for effectively remove dirt, makeup, and pollution, while at the same time maintaining skin’s protective barrier.

Jojoba & Calendula cleanser

Containing chamomile and calendula extracts that help soothe and cool sensitive and irritable skin, this cleanser  “The Jojoba and & Calendula cleanser is currently one of the products on my bathroom shelf.  Calendula is known for its anti-inflammatory properties which make my skin feel super clean, without compromising the natural oils.”  

Lavender & lime cleanser


Thanks to the eucalyptus, lavender and lime’s anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, this cleanser  “This is an excellent cleanser for the client who has combination, or oilier skin.  The Lavender will help to ease any redness and irritation in the skin while the lime extract aids in the control of excess oil production.  It may seem scary to use an oil based cleanser when your skin is already oily, however in many cases that over production of oil is caused by too many dehydrating skin care products.”

Chamomile & Mandarin cleanser

“This is my absolute favorite product for clients with dry or dehydrated skin.  It smells amazing without artificial fragrances and works as an excellent makeup remover.  My mom is currently hooked on this one! ”…

The combination of chamomile and calendula bring the soothing effect, while the jojoba oil in the composition regulates sebum production in the dry and oily skin.

Does your skin feel tight and dry after you wash your face? It is time to try oil cleansing! What do you think using oils to fight your skin care woes? Has it worked for you?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


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