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PUUR Ingrid is a clean beauty brand focused on “getting it right” in the clean beauty sector. With products free of harmful toxins, PUUR Ingrid is devoted to achieving healthy, happy skin in the purest and most honest way. All of their products are proudly vegan and cruelty free, with no artificial fragrance, and certified by CertClean – North America’s leading certification for safer skincare.

PUUR Ingrid manufactures their natural skincare in small batches through their Calgary laboratory so products are as fresh as possible when they get to your doorstep. Their belief is that owning the research and production process is part of the pleasure of creation.

PUUR Ingrid formulates each product three to six times, adjusting until the results are right. Then, they test products for stability and efficacy. Once proven effective, PUUR Ingrid applies for certifications with entities like EWG, CertClean, and Leaping Bunny prior to releasing to the market – bigger companies don’t do this until after the product hits the market, which can lead to recalls. PUUR Ingrid’s strict process takes ten to twenty months to ensure products are 100% ready to hit the shelves.

The brand is already becoming a fan favourite – “Quite frankly, they got it right. Truly, they’ve zeroed in on a star ingredient “SQUALANE” and created an entire line based on it.” says Whipped Green Girl, Taylor from When I’m older agrees “Squalane is that new magic ingredient. And my skin absolutely loves it”, and Mama Ash weighs in on PUUR Ingrid’s Squalene Absolute, I think this is a must-have for all my beauty junkies out there. I am savouring every drop as I find this to be a very special product and it’s priced very well at $24.95″.

To dig deeper into PUUR Ingrid and Squalane, we interviewed Ingrid, the visionary behind this beautiful clean beauty collection.

What inspired you to start PUUR Ingrid?

PUUR Ingrid started from my passion for health and background in pharmacy. After seeing so many big companies making false claims about their products, I felt change was necessary. So I created clean, honest products that give real results. 

How is PUUR Ingrid different than other brands? What makes PUUR Ingrid different or special?

The emphasis on results is crucial. Every ingredient in PUUR Ingrid products has a function, or as some like to call it, an active ingredient. There are no fillers or unnecessary additives, unlike some larger brands whose products contain only a few active ingredients with the rest being fillers. Our ingredients have proven efficacy, meaning 100% of what you’re putting on your skin and hair is there for a reason. 

Why did you get the CertClean certification?

With the focus on honest, clean, and intentional products, I wanted to make it easier for the consumer to trust what they’re buying. So I applied for the CertClean certification, knowing that the regulations on cosmetics aren’t that strict and confusing ingredient names can make it hard for consumers to know exactly what they’re buying. 

With CertClean, consumers know that a product is formulated without harmful ingredients. It’s important to us at PUUR Ingrid to provide a label of transparency so people don’t have to worry about what they’re putting on their skin.

Why are your products already so well loved? Everyone is talking about Squalane now – tell us more about it.

Speaking of transparent ingredients, we love using ingredients that are multitaskers, too. A single, clean ingredient with multiple benefits is what we look for. This helps us reduce the amount of ingredients without sacrificing efficacy. A shorter ingredient list is easier for consumers to digest and also kinder to skin sensitivities. You can learn more about our “less is more” philosophy on our blog.

Using multitasking ingredients is also what allows our products to be used by various skin types and skin conditions. One of our favourite ingredients is Squalane oil. Our squalane comes from 100% plant-based, renewable sugarcane that is bio-fermented to create a highly stable, totally sustainable, and eco-friendly oil. 

Squalane is great because it mimics your skin’s own moisture, making it easily absorbent and ultra hydrating. It’s more hydrating than any other oil and feels so soft; I can recommend this to everyone. Squalane also visibly plumps while minimizing signs of redness and irritation. Its multitasking abilities are why we use squalene in many of our products. 

For those looking for natural skincare products, what tips do you have for them?  

For those looking for effective natural skincare, my biggest piece of advice is to look for certified products. A company can advertise a product as being natural, however it still contains loads of chemicals. Yet because the product contains water, it can be labeled natural. 

I also recommend giving yourself time to get used to a different feel or scent. Remember the last time you walked into the cosmetics store and tried out some of their products? I’ll bet one of the main reasons you bought something is the scent. We’ve been led to believe that when a product smells nice, it has to be good. That’s not true. What happens is you take this new product home only to discover you’re allergic to the fragrance after repeated use. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that these fragrances are often used to cover up the smell of another ingredient. There are more than 1,200 ingredients banned by the US and EU that still make it into your skincare products. Yikes.

Educating yourself and doing some research can help you make better decisions in buying products that will actually do some good for your skin and don’t contain anything from the banned ingredient list. Familiarizing yourself with clean beauty organizations and certifications helps you understand a brand’s products so you can purchase items you feel good about. 


Thank you Ingrid for sharing your insights and creating a beautiful brand for us to enjoy! 

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