Green Beauty Influencers Are Talking About This Natural Eye Shadow

A runner-up in the eye colour category of the 2021 Clean Beauty Awards, MG Naturals Matte Eye Shadow gives a youthful burst of colour even for the most sensitive eyes. The matte shades are perfect for those who don’t want any sheen to their shadow. Made with fair trade ingredients and formulated without talc, titanium dioxide, synthetics or fillers, this eyeshadow is long-lasting, crease-proof, sweat proof and 100% natural.

MG Naturals was founded on the belief that makeup should be hydrating, soothing & healing just like your skincare, not loaded with petrochemicals, potential carcinogens, free radicals & nasty fillers. Founder, Kailah is committed to creating beautiful makeup that is healthy, non-irritating and made with only the best ingredients. “MG naturals make up doesn’t cover up your imperfections, but actually works on healing & soothing, to reveal your best skin ever.”

mg naturals' taupe eyeshadow in powdered form


Made on the purest & most soothing ingredients that can be found on the market today. Influencers are loving that they blend easily and are 100% safe for their skin & health. Influencers, Alex Marie Santos, Caitie Anisman-Reiner and  Renata Vosyliene had a few things to say about this newly popular makeup.

“Texture was almost silky to be a loose powder which I really liked! The shade I have is taupe and it’s a very ashy/neutral tone which is beautiful. Applied nicely and pigmented!” says Alex Marie Santos who has acne-prone skin.

Caitie Anisman-Reiner, the voice behind Naturalla Beauty, is a long time clean beauty advocate with combination skin says mg natural’s taupe eyeshadow is “a great mid-toned crease shade — nicely pigmented, applies smoothly, and blends out easily”.

There are 12 beautiful shades to choose from:


Showing 6 shades of mg naturals' eyeshadowShowing 6 brown/neutral shades of mg naturals' eyeshadow

What about the ingredients?

Popular blogger (Green Life in Dublin) in Ireland who pays special attention to ingredients in personal care products gives her thumbs up on the formulation, “Nice minimal ingredients” says Renata; the product is certified by CertClean, and it is free from titanium dioxide and nano-particulates; the ingredient list is: zinc oxide, mica, kaolin clay, and iron oxides.

Something important to note is that the product is also free from d-alpha Tocopheryl, a natural antioxidant that is often recognized as the most effective form of vitamin E which protects the skin’s natural barrier, help retain the skin’s moisture and protect the skin from free radical damage. Despite these positive qualities of this natural vitamin E, Kailah chose to remove this vitamin E from their formulations because most natural vitamin E oil is derived from wheatgerm, a potential irritant for those with wheat or gluten sensitivities. So mg naturals decided to formulate without natural vitamin E in order to provide non-irritating eyeshadow for everyone.

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