Meet the Maker: Wendy Morris of EarthlyEssentials

Meet the Maker behind EarthlyEssentials: Wendy Morris

Wendy Morris, Natural Health Practitioner & Owner of EarthlyEssentials

Certifications:  CertClean, Orthotherapy Massage, Certified Aromatherapist, Chartered Herbalist, Yoga Instructor, Reflexologist, see more

Personal Motto/Mantra: Breathe, Believe, Inspire


We asked Wendy for 3 adjectives she’d use to describe herself but that the adjectives must start with the first letter of her name, she says: Wonderful, Wild and Witch. We love that so much!

Then we asked Wendy what her “former life” was .. there was no way we could summarize it so here it goes:

B.S.Sc., Aquatic Teacher Trainer for Red Cross & Life Saving Societies 18 yrs, Heart & Stroke CPR Instructor/Examiner, First Aid Instructor/Examiner (25 yrs), Personal Trainer, Aquatic Assistant Manager, Recreational Program Director private Gym, EducationCentre Coordinator National Capital YW/YMCA)

What is she up to now? This wonderfully wild witch has created her town’s Health & Wellness Center, not only is there an apothecary store, there’s also 2 yoga studios, massage clinic, and infrared sauna! Needless to say, she is all about holistic health! Thank goodness for the internet because we’re glad that she can share her goodies in her apothecary store online!

She makes a variety of soaps – from dead sea mud soap to pure olive soap to lavendar poppy seed soaps to bathcare and skincare products.  Like you, we’re curious as to what her top selling products are — here you go (you’re welcome!):

Three Top Selling products:

EarthlyEssentials Men's Scrub

Men’s Scrub Soap

EarthlyEssentials Beautiful Face Cream

Beautiful Face Cream

EarthlyEssentials Everlasting Cream

Everlasting Lotion

I have tried many face creams but this one is the best, my skin isn’t dried out, not too oily, it’s unbelievable what a difference it makes, I can’t live without it!


What is not to love about this daily facial cream. Its magical, leaves my face so smooth and I’ve received alot of compliments. Just knowing about all of the natural ingredients is so worth it and Wendy’s knowledge and hard work says it all.

Lise Lalinde

When did you start to create natural beauty products? Why did you start?

I started in 1996 as my children were small and sensitive to conventional products, often with allergic reactions from conventional– so I learned to make my own products with genuine ingredients. 

What’s a myth about conventional beauty products/routines you wished everyone would stop believing? 

The myth that age can be defeated by a cream, especially those that cost more than $75 over the counter. 

Why was getting the CertClean certification important to you?

The CertClean certification is a stepping stone which provides a visible logo and support that my products do not contain synthetic or chemical ingredients which could increase the toxic load of an individual. It is a reassurance to my current and new customers that my products are recognized as Clean and enhanced by its Logo.

How are your products special/different?

I prefer to use mostly certified organic ingredients when I can. I choose my suppliers based not only on literature but by speaking to the company verbally. I inquire sources, methods of processing, shelf life and health benefits. Most of my companies are used by Naturopathic Doctors, Food manufacturers. I believe if you can eat it, you can apply it to your skin.

What makes your heart smile?

I love making the products and having repeat customers. I am blessed that many have been purchasing their potions from me for over 15 years. I love teaching others how to DIY and feel that the more people doing so makes increases self sufficiency and brings us back to our roots. Success to me, already exists, and the additional perks along the way, reassure me that I am on the right track and serving my purpose. 

What’s a product you absolutely love and know is amazing but it just doesn’t get enough attention?

My Majik Salve is one of those “doesn’t get enough attention”. Formulated with infused herbal oils and essential oils combinations for multi purpose healing was a great seller in the past. Changes in time, and perhaps changes in my packaging showed a drop-in sales. It is an awesome all-around healing salve for cuts, scrapes, minor wounds & bruising, minor burns, minor skin irritations, and have even had clients share benefits for dark circles under the eyes, I continue to make it and my family uses it on a regular basis.

Wendy Morris 


What are some of your favourite EarthlyEssentials products? Let us know in the comments below which ones you love!

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