Meet the Maker: Michelle Rosetta of BEE23

Meet the Maker: Michelle—the Queen Bee of BEE23 Natural Beauty

Name:  Michelle Rosetta

Title:  Queen Bee of BEE23 Natural Beauty

Certifications:  CertClean

When did you start:  2007

Former Life/Day Job:  Honors Bachelor of Social Work

Personal Motto: It will be fun, it will be an adventure!

Michelle is one meaningful and motivated maven. If you have ever met or chatted with this beautiful woman, you wouldn’t be surprised that she lives by “It will be fun, it will be an adventure!”. She is positive and bold – and as they say, fortune favours the bold!  Due to her hustle, drive and carefully crafted products, BEE23 is growing fast. We’re not surprised since her products are incredibly well-loved; reviews of her water-less products consistently rave about how great her products are for sensitive skin and those struggling with eczema – see here for yourself!

If interested to try some of her products, here are her top three sellers:

Hotty Balm Mature To Dry

Mature to Dry Hotty Balm

BEE23 Natural Beauty – Hotty Balm Normal To Oily

Normal to Oily Hotty Balm

Lazy Afternoons Hotty Body Balm

The smell of this product is amazing. At first try I thought it would take a while to rub into my hands but it didn’t leave any residue and I could smell this lovely citrus for ages after.


Loved this product for an all around balm. Good, natural replacement for vaseline.


I’ve actually been using this on my face in the winter, and it’s pretty great. My skin is really dry and this seems to be one of the few things I can use to protect it in the winter.


When did you start to create natural beauty products? Why did you start?

My choice to start my current venture BEE23 Natural Beauty in 2007 was out of necessity. There were several factors contributing to the launch, including the outright rage I felt with highly toxic products on the market, the need for my own products due to my skin sensitivities and the need to support myself. I did presentations and projects on environmental issues in university involving both our human view on what our actual connection to our physical planet is to the immense damage we were creating as a species and what that meant for future generations based on science from the 70s and prior. I have followed environmental trends, politics and news for decades. I took my children in marches for social justice and environmental issues but I felt a lack of satisfaction in my efforts and ranting to others about these issues did not get the response I was hoping for. I needed to put this energy somewhere positive, productive and inviting.

I still had not truly connected this acquired knowledge about nasty ingredients to the beauty products industry, until I was in my 30s and starting to see the wear and tear of life on my own face, plus I wanted a product for protection in the elements because I was living off-the-grid at the time and continued to participate in a lot of outdoor sports like snowboarding. When I went to purchase my ‘anti-aging cream’ I couldn’t believe all of the toxins. Early on I was very sensitive to fragrance and commonly used ingredients, so I didn’t use or think to use anything in my 20s. I had not really thought of what was in those products, I just didn’t use them. I couldn’t find anything with the properties of a product I wanted for myself in the market, so I thought back to the healing ointments my Grandmother would make for the horses and invariably use for herself. An idea started to form wherein I could create a suitable product for my own use and wrap it up with an important environmental message that my audience may be more interested in if it was first presented in the form of wrinkles or acne, little did I realize my idea would bloom into a product that is much more superior to toxic water based products anyhow. I worked with an essential oils practitioner and began to gain the knowledge I needed to create the product I was looking for.

What’s a myth about conventional beauty products/routines you wished everyone would stop believing?

I would like others to think about how we have been conditioned to believe our skincare is supposed to be so complex and multi-stepped to work. I can say with my own personal experience along with watching my customers results through choosing simple regimens, our skin would appear to be much healthier and happier with the less products and steps that we use. Believing that the tight dry feeling after cleansing is a good sign is not actually good for our skin. Choosing mostly water to cleanse the skin with a simple oil cleanser like Jojoba Oil, will work so much better for all skin types. All these years, mostly because I’m lazy, all I have ever done is wash with water, a little SLS free soap if necessary and then put my Hotty Balm. Oh and saunas in my opinion are the best detox for our skin.

Why was getting the CertClean certification important to you?

One of the first questions I am asked regardless as to whether it is in my sign or on the packaging is, ‘is your product all natural.’ The CertClean certification is a very easy tool for me to use as a company in order to state that this particular company only certifies clean products. You cannot be certified CertClean unless you fall within their credentials. It has been a way for me to give legitimacy to my claims and act as an important sales tool. The marketing CertClean has done for their companies has also been a very good leverage for my brand and I appreciate all of their efforts.

How are your products special/different?

The way we put our ingredients together creates a very potent and unique formula that has really worked wonders consistently for a wide variety of skin conditions. It can be used alongside other quality brands but it adds this incredible protective quality for harsh environmental factors living in the city or in extreme climates. We also source our ingredients with care. I love our essential oils so much and I love the company that produces them. I feel they are quite special and superior in comparison to much that is out on the market. Much like our essential oils our beeswax is locally produced in Ontario and sourced from all small independent farmers. As well, our Olive Oil is brought in directly through the Olive Oil Boutique from a farm in Italy. There is absolutely no adulteration or filler added.

What makes your heart smile?

It makes my heart smile when a customer comes up to me and thanks me for making our product line. When I am told that our products in some way has given an individual their confidence or power back, there is absolutely no better feeling. A successful outcome for me in regards to this company would be that we are in a place where I directly purchase all of my ingredients from the communities of origin and we are established enough to be employing individuals in our own community at fair wages in a progressive and positive environment.

What’s a product you absolutely love and know is amazing but it just doesn’t get enough attention?

The Mango Mornings Hotty Body Balm is really good for individuals with very sensitive skin looking for a simple formula. It is super light, feels amazing all year round and truly does wonders for the skin, including face and body. The reason the Mango Mornings can be overlooked is that Mango can fractionate faster in temperature changes, so it can get this little grainy texture but grainy is good because it means there isn’t all the synthetic chemicals holding the product together. The little balls just melt on contact with the skin, and the benefits of this formula far out weight a small variation in texture.

Michelle Rosetta

What do you love most about BEE23 products? Let us know in the comments below!

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