Meet the Maker: Lauren Padawar of Alaska Glacial Mud

Meet the Maker: Lauren Padawer of Alaska Glacial Mud

Name:  Lauren Padawer

Title:  Founder

Brand: Alaska Glacial Mud Co.

Certifications: CertClean, Bcorp, Made In Alaska, Leaping Bunny, Campaign For Safe Cosmetics

Former Life/Day Job: Commercial Salmon Fisherman

Personal Motto: Pessimism Is Not an Option

As one of 7 women in her hometown who fish commercially, it is no surprise that Lauren, founder of Alaska Glacial Mud, is persistent, practical and positive. Lauren discovered the buttery mud from Copper River in Alaska one day while she was on a camping trip – she had the most wild spa experience in the world, her skin felt so soft and was glowing after the experience. Well, since 2007, Lauren has been bringing the Alaska mud into the natural beauty market across North America today.

If you’re interested in nutrient-dense glacial mud that absorbs toxins and lightly exfoliates your face, try Lauren’s top 3 sellers:

Lavender peppermint

Vanilla Lavender

Gift Box Mailer

very nice mask without getting hard and crusty. Easy to remove, leaves skin feeling fabulous! I take the small sizes with me when I travel for pampering and a lift at the end of a long day!


This is the most purifying and powerful mask I have tried. Each time I use it, I notice a huge change in my acne and oilyness the next morning! I highly recommend this to anyone


I have the most sensitive skin and this is one of the only products I’ve found that I can enjoy. So gentle and refreshing. Feel like I’m having a special spa day from my own home. 🙂 10 stars!


When did you start creating natural beauty products? Why did you start?

I began making natural beauty products in 2002 following a rafting trip on the copper river in Alaska. I loved the buttery texture of the mud and wanted start a business and product line that would philanthropically support the copper river watershed.

What’s a myth about conventional beauty products/routines you wished everyone would stop believing?  

There’s no single miracle cream. Skin care is a lifestylistic approach of good hygiene combined with nutrition, hydration and sleep.

Why was getting the CertClean certification important to you?

The CertClean certification and being part of the CertClean community distinguishes our brand for having quality ingredients.

How are your products special/different?

Alaska glacial mineral mud is the most mineral rich mud on earth. Our formulated products enhance the mud with beneficial vitamins, antioxidants and essential oils to detoxify, nourish and soften skin.

What does success look like to you?

To me, success is having longevity in the marketplace and slowly developing a brand based on market demand and unique effective ingredients whilst giving back and being your own boss!

What’s a product you absolutely love and know is amazing, but it just doesn’t get enough attention?

I love Sambucol tablets; they are fizzy immune-boosting supplements with echinacea & elderberry, but more righteous ingredients than airborne! They’re hard to come by in the USA.


What are your thoughts on mineral mud masks? What are your thoughts on the application? See the plenty and positive reviews for all of Alaska Glacial Mud’s CertClean certified products — 5 stars across the board!

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