Meet the Maker: Helen MacIsaac-Bertrim of Bee Real

Meet the Maker: Helen MacIsaac-Bertrim of Bee Real

Name:  Helen MacIsaac-Bertrim

Title:  Owner/Product Creator

Brand: Bee Real™ 

Certifications: CertClean, Student Aromatherapist, and necessity for lifestyle

When did you start: April of 2012

Helen is a gem – she’s honest, hopeful and humble all in one. From running a household and raising 3 children, her motto is “you don’t know what you are capable of until you try” — no wonder she has become a successful founder and owner of a fast-growing clean beauty brand! Undoubtedly, her products perform; see reviews by those who have used her products here – 5 stars across the board.

Located in Eastern Ontario in Canada, Helen, a Reiki Master, also offers Reiki Workshops, her online store not only sells makeup and skincare products but also raw and tumbled crystals, along with smudge sticks.

Every time we chat with Helen, we have a great laugh – she is incredibly fun and genuine. Here is our interview with this fun-loving woman – enjoy!

Oh, if you are in the market for a deodorant, body care or a lip balm — check out her top selling products:


Lotion Bar

Lip Balm

I love Bee Real! The deodorant works great and you only need to use a little for it to go a long way. I’ve tried a lot of natural deodorants, but this one really works! Thank you also for all the love and Reiki healing energy that is infused in every product… there’s a reason why I feel so much better when I use them! I highly recommend Bee Real products!

Pam MacPhee

I have extremely dry hands that crack and bleed, especially during the winter months. I have tried numerous creams and lotions, with little to no success. After speaking with Helen, I gave the BEE REAL lotion bar a try and its amazing! My hands are so soft and smooth. I really love the orange lotion bar. I would highly recommend this product.


I use this in both winter and summer. It keeps my lips moist in winter, no cracks and you don’t have to keep re-applying after a drink or food. Summer time protection from the sun is on point. My kids use them in winter too!

Debora A Ladouceur

When did you start creating natural beauty products? Why did you start?

I started creating natural products in April of 2012 because I was actually so tired of reading labels and finding the “clean” products really weren’t that “clean”. It was very frustrating to me. My journey began when I started researching candles and found out just how harmful they were. I loved candles and burned them all the time. So, I took a workshop on making Beeswax candles. One thing let to another and here I am today with a full line of skincare. Real Ingredients for Real People, Be Real, Be You!

The Myth about conventional beauty products that I wish everyone would stop believing is:  

“Well it must be ok, otherwise they wouldn’t sell it.”

They are out to make money, they are not in the business of health. They add ingredients to their products so you will have to keep reapplying, take for instance your favourite conventional lip balm or chapstick. Read the ingredients, I bet that there is alcohol in it. This is so that the lip balm will work for a bit but then your lips will feel dry and you need to reapply, making you go through it faster and then having to purchase more. 

Why was getting the CertClean certification important to you?

Getting the certCLEAN certification was important to me because I needed and wanted my products to be recognized as one of the best out there on the market. Top quality is important to me and having a company to certify my products as clean is huge.  Its in line with what I, and the company stands for. I am about healthy products for everyone. Having the certification helps bring my products mainstream. Which I believe they should be. It’s about informing the masses on how what you put on your skin can hurt you or help heal you.

How is/are your product(s) special/different? What’s your secret sauce?

My products are different as the formulation of oils are targeted for specific actions; the synergy of the oils is something that I have been studying and creating. I have an Acne Serum that works wonderfully for combatting acne as well as helping hydrate the skin and regulate the natural oil production of the face. Which in turn helps with lessening acne and possible scarring. Also, my products last longer than conventional brands as I don’t use water in any of my products, just active ingredients, which means you need less of the actual product (which also helps the pocket book)!

What does success look like to you?

Success to me is when people leave my establishment feeling empowered and with a smile on their face! We are all on a journey and mine is to empower, help people listen to their bodies, and tune in to help heal themselves on all levels. 

What’s a product you absolutely love and know is amazing, but it just doesn’t get enough attention?

My favourite product is my Rejuvenating Face Serum. I believe the price point is an issue. It is a high-end product, and it is priced accordingly. The oils in it are a blend of expensive oils working together in a perfect synergy for moisturizing and also to reduce puffiness, dark circles and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.


Give Helen and Bee Real some love in the comments below. Click here to see the benefits of beeswax in skincare products and the best rated beeswax-y products that you may want to incorporate into your beauty ritual!

One thought on “Meet the Maker: Helen MacIsaac-Bertrim of Bee Real

  1. Janice Harvey says:

    I use Bee Real products everyday. Deodorant is so nice and lasts all day and into the next. I use the lip balm with peppermint being my favourite. My daughter uses the natural and the peppermint. It is the only lip balm that works for her and myself. I used the Rejuvinating face cream on my face and it is so baby soft. I love it. I also use the vapo rub in my nose when it feels stuffy and the stuffiness goes away. I use the healing salve on all my cuts and bruises and it works like no other. I also use the orange lotion bar on my hands, arms and legs to make them baby smooth. I’m almost 58 and I have never used any product that works as well as Bee Real products. I love them. Thanks Bee Real keep up the good work.

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