Meet the Maker: Elaine Li from Iremia Skincare

What makes your heart smile?

Every morning when I head out for my run, I look up and am so thankful for everything I see. We are surrounded by clean air (especially in the morning)  and it’s something I don’t take for granted. Watching my kids play also puts a huge smile in my heart – they are blessings and really embody a peaceful and strong spirit. I learn a lot from them! Also, reading email and reviews by our customers – it makes my heart incredibly happy to hear how our products are impacting their skin and their lives!

What are your 3 go-to beauty products that you can never leave your house without?

Our Restorative Facial Oil is always in my purse. I can’t travel anywhere without it. It provides so much nutrition for my skin and is my frizzy and unruly hair’s savior. Plus, it’s small enough to bring on a plane – bonus points for lighter packing and useful for the whole family! I also can’t leave the house without sunscreen and lip balm. They are absolute must-have’s, year-round.

What’s a product you absolutely love and know is amazing but it just doesn’t get enough attention?

Hands down our Restorative Facial Oil. It really is a beautiful blend full of so many healing and balancing oils. It made the biggest difference in my own skin, giving it a second life. It’s helped my daughter’s cradle cap. It’s helped people with scars. And it smells like heaven. It even won Fashion Canada’s Best Facial Oil (Over $50) Award! We just don’t talk about it enough.

Which is your most favorite ingredient to play with?

Right now it’s sea buckthorn oil, mostly because of its rich and intense color! Rice water is a second favorite at the moment. I absolutely love the effects it has on the skin with the high mineral and vitamin content.

What new additions are on the horizon at Iremia Skincare?

I’m always dreaming of solutions to calm the skin in different situations, but I want to be conscious about how many products we actually need and use. With new products, there needs to be a strong benefit for people who have super sensitive or redness-prone skin. I’ve been working on two formulas for over a year. One is a beautiful mist that is meant to boost your skins hydration while calming any redness. This final formula is something I don’t react to (I’ve reacted to all the other formulas!) and leaves your skin with a dewy glow and comfortable. The ingredients are incredible and I can’t wait to share more when it’s completely ready – hopefully later this year! The other one is a very different cleanser that is not really a foam, not really a cream. It has a bit of fluffy texture to it, but leaves your skin bright, soft and soothed. It will be launched hopefully by early next year. I’m not really in a rush – everything needs to be slow and purposeful.

What kind of stories do you love hearing from customers?

I love hearing what it has done for their skin and the improvements! Especially those with rosacea. Creating this line was all about finding something that people like me with sensitive, reactive skin can use and SEE an improvement. To really feel that nourishment and help manage their skin with a highly effective approach with each product.

How are your products special/different?

My line is completely formulated with sensitive skin in mind and tested on my own reactive skin. I can’t launch something that I react to or that doesn’t meet my packaging needs. I’m completely invested in it from top to bottom and the ingredients have to be the best that I can find. I want people who use the product to feel like they are using absolute luxury. I want them to feel and know that they are treating themselves to something special, but not paying the price for it. I’m constantly searching for ingredients that will provide calming results on the skin and combining it with other active ingredients that have clinical evidence to support skin nutrition and provide improvements (protection, anti-aging effects, etc). I’m always looking at the way things have been done in traditional practices in my culture and others vs. using ingredients that are just popular. I think it really comes down to the belief system of the brand and what they are trying to achieve.

Can you share your experience in creating Iremia Skincare? 

Iremia was born out of my journey to discover a more holistic way of living.  Compounded stress, inflammation and chronic illness were taking a toll on my skin, my body’s way of screaming at me that something needed to change.  Over the years of searching, I tried beauty product after product, and it would all end up the same: with no change or worse.  This is why I created Iremia Skincare.  

Since I take a less is more approach, the products serve to have multiple benefits, minimizing your need for complicated routines or many products for individual purposes. For example, the Soothing Lotion has an extract that is clinically proven to stimulate collagen leading to complete skin rejuvenation (pore, wrinkle, and fine line reduction). Incorporating active ingredients like these is what is important to Iremia as a company – making effective products in order to reduce the impact on the environment by being conscious about how much we all consume and how. Take the journey with Iremia to use less while gaining more!

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Happy Summers 🙂

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