Meet Sofiya Chorniy – Clean Beauty Awards Judge

Meet the 3rd annual Clean Beauty Awards Judge – Sofiya Chorniy!

Sofiya is Miss Earth Canada 2013, model, and just a beautiful person. She has been modeling for Adidas and Rogers and has a lot of experience with numerous makeup, skincare and haircare brands. Sofiya is a clean beauty lover and enthusiast, while he has learned about CertClean in 2013. That time, Sofiya has changed her perspective in relation to the topical products – she actively started actively share her knowledge about clean beauty products with her colleagues.

Now, stunning Sofiya Chorniy works as a high school teacher, but her dream is to become a Health Coach. She works passionately on achieving her goal, while her motivation lies in educating others about benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Sofiya has appeared as one of the key speakers of the ‘Mindful Movement and Nutrition’ at a tech conference at Mississauga’s Microsoft headquarters. How cool is that?

Yet, that is not the limit of how versatile our amazing judge is – she is also a local environmentalist. Sofiya has contributed to the collection of over 400 kg of garbage from the local waterways in Toronto.

Sofiya has tested some of the natural beauty products and shared her expert opinion with us. All the products discussed below are certified by CertClean – North America’s leading certification for safer skincare.

First Place FaceWash: Moor Spa Salicylic Cleanser

The super-gentle CertClean certified salicylic cleanser from clean beauty brand Moor Spa is one of the greatest products for the oily/acne-prone skin. While the magic formula of this cleanser is capable of removing all the dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, it does not over-dry it.

This cleanser was created to help those, who fight with dark spots and acne scars. Thanks to its award-winning composition of ingredients that are derived from nature, the cleanser does not intrude the natural pH balance of your skin, while at the same time it is very effective in what it does the best – purifying the skin.

Wait… that’s not it, this Salicylic Cleanser from Moor Spa also is a winner of the Clean Beauty Awards – it well – deserved a right to be called the Best Face Wash of 2017!

You can read more reviews on this product here.

What Sofiya had to say about Moor Spa Salicylic Cleanser?

Sofiya has combination skin and sometimes it is acting up – she get’s breakouts. She said that she stopped using traditional salicylic cleansers, as now she tries to choose products with non-toxic ingredients.  Here is what she said about Moor Spa Salicylic Cleanser:

“I was very happy to learn that there are ‘clean’ options out there as alternatives when I saw this one. After using this product for about a week (even after one day), I noticed my complexion clearing up and becoming more even. I was so happy!

I have many more days now where I skip the foundation and just use powder and some concealer (plus lipstick, mascara..) when going out. Which feels amazing. I also like the design of the bottle, and the large dispenser makes it easy to use.

Definitely, recommend for someone looking for non-toxic alternatives to mainstream (acne) cleansers.

Second place FaceWash: Moor Spa Pumpkin Peel

Moor Spa Pumpkin Peel is a unique combination of enzyme-rich extracts that make sure that your skin is exfoliated in the perfect way. This enzymatic exfoliant contains as much as 30 (!) ingredients of the natural origin.

One of the key ingredients of this Pumpkin Peel, is, obviously, Pumpkin pulp, which is known for its brightening and smoothing properties. Pumpkin is rich in fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which increase cell turnover.

Some of the other tremendously healthy components that make up the composition of this Moor Spa Pumpkin Peel are the carrot extract, papain, and bromelain. These gifts from nature promote skin glow and renewal.

This product is also certified by the CertClean, which means that this product is formulated without the use of potentially harmful ingredients, such as carcinogens, chemicals that may potentially affect our hormonal system, reproductive system, neurological system, etc. This is the second Best FaceWash of 2017 in the list of 3rd annual Clean Beauty AwardsYou can find more reviews about this product here.

What does Sofiya think about this Moor Spa Pumpkin Peel?

Sofiya has shared her Moor Spa Pumpkin Peel review with us:

“I love using this after applying a face mask, just to give a little more love to my face and make it feel soft. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a ‘peel’ since it’s very gentle (it feels kind of like a soft mousse-like cream) and dries gently on the face.

I definitely feel as though my face becomes more radiant after using it. Also – BONUS is that it has a light sweet/creamy pumpkin smell, which adds to the nice feeling of applying it and pampering yourself.

If you’re a fan of pumpkin dessert and want something for that ‘treats yourself’ time at the end of the day, I’d recommend this product (just don’t eat it 😛 )”

Third Place FaceWash: Glacial Facial Purifying Mineral Mud Masque – Vanilla Lavender

This mud masque is no basic one – it gets its uniqueness from the most mineral-packed and pure glacial clay in the world, which was collected by hand from the remote waters of the Copper River Delta in Alaska.

With over 60 nourishing major and trace elements, including Mg, Cu, Z, S, Ag, Si, Ca, Na, K and Fe, this mud mask detoxifies, softens and exfoliates your skin. Moreover, it works on promoting deep skin cell regeneration.

This purifying mineral mud masque also promotes anti-aging, as it forms collagen and helps skin keep the moisture inside. The rare clay of this Glacial facial purifying mask is also rich in certified organic and wildcrafted botanical elements, which come from the Pacific Northwest.

These precious extracts – kelp, nettle, horsetail, elderflower, yarrow, cranberry, blueberry, and vitamins E and B5, bring all the goodness that is vital for necessary for a healthy and glowing skin.

This mask was honored to get the third place in the nomination Best FaceWash of 2017 according to 3rd Annual Clean Beauty Awards. See more information about this product here.

What did Sofiya say about this Glacial Facial Purifying Mineral Mud Masque?

Sofiya said she usually used this mask before going to bed, adding:

“I find the lavender and vanilla scent perfect for when winding down at the end of the day. I’ve tried to make my own masks before and found it troublesome to get the right consistency, etc.

This one has such a nice texture and applies very smoothly, just gliding over the face. When it dries, it doesn’t really crack or pull at your face, which I appreciated.”

She also said that this mask is very easy to wash off, which is a great advantage.

“I found that my face looks much more refreshed after using it, and I have a brighter complexion the next day as well! I think it makes a great gift too, especially since it has clean ingredients! I always get my friends clean products as gifts when holidays or birthdays come around.. :)”

“Honorable Mention”: MarieNatie Mascara

Not all mascaras are created equal – this is especially the case with this mind-blowing product from MarieNatie.

Imagine – a mascara that is made with all natural ingredients that nourish your lashes, while at the same time providing the colossal thickness and length! That’s exactly what CertClean certified MarieNatie Mascara is about.

Extracts of oregano, thyme and rosemary act as great antioxidants, thus promoting skin health. Cinnamon bark is another amazing component of this mascara – it is responsible for fighting infection. Your eyes will thank you for using this non-toxic mascara – the lemon peel in the composition provides the soothing and healing effect.

Read more reviews about this great product here.

MarieNatie mascara Review from Sofiya:

It was Sofiya’s first experience with clean mascara – and she has become a loyal fan of it ever since. She shared:

“It coats my lashes well, with minimal clumping (which I can easily get out with another swipe through my lashes with the brush) and stays on. I love that it smells nice (try smelling a conventional mascara after using this one – eek!) and that it is relatively easy to wash out at the end of the day.

I have also tried other non-toxic mascara and find the thickness of this one to be my favorite, and which is what makes it thicken, lengthen, and blacken my lashes just the way I want them – like the conventional mascaras I used to use before.  

Also, makes a great gift!! 🙂 I got 2 for 2 separate girlfriends and they both also love it!!”

First place Clean Beauty Awards Lip Gloss: Lip gloss MarieNatie

Another chef-d’œuvre from MarieNatie – a gluten-free and vegan lipgloss that is available in 5 beautiful colors will not leave you emotionless.

The natural composition of this lip gloss contains numerous oils that provide superior moisturizing properties and lasting hydration. The grape seed has the anti-aging effect, while the sunflower oil can heal the sensitive skin in no time!

This lip gloss is also rich in Vitamin E, which is known for its outstanding antioxidant features that protect and revitalize the skin.

This amazing product has won the right to be called the Best Lip Gloss of 2017 according to the 3rd Annual Clean Beauty Awards.

If you want to see more information about this product, click here.

What does Sofiya think about this MarieNatie Lip Gloss?

“There are so many things I love about this lipgloss. Firstly, like the cute packaging.

Next, when you open your lipgloss and smell it (at least this was my experience), it smells so nice. And it’s so nice to know that what you’re smelling are clean ingredients, and not some kind of chemicals that were engineered to smell nice.”

She also loved the application process:

“I found it to be smooth enough to not be sticky. It does need some re-applying (since it doesn’t have a bunch of chemicals that make it latch onto your skin and hold on for dear life), but that for me wasn’t an issue. It’s fun applying it anyways and makes me feel pretty :)”

Did you have any experience with these clean beauty products? Share with us in the comment section below!

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