Luisa’s Best Face Product for Sensitive Skin

Luisa Chavez's Clean Swap
Luisa Chavez's Clean Swap

Luisa’s Best Face Product for Sensitive Skin

Check out what Luisa, green beauty and conscious fashion blogger at, is using to a conventional product and why!

A Little Bit About Me

I had always struggled with super sensitive skin and acne that nothing seemed to work. I decided to move my research over to natural skincare and after many years and many products, I have found the routine that works for me. I was so afraid of using oils on my skin since it was already so greasy, but I decided to give oils a try since I was running out of patience.

Luisa’s Concerns: What I Look For In a Face Moisturizer

Since my skin is so sensitive, I have to be really careful with the ingredients that I use for my face, even if they are natural. I have to steer clear of very thick formulas, which make my skin break out almost instantly.

I loved L’Occitane’s Peony Perfecting Cream; Now I love Esteli’s Oro Rosa Facial Oil

The peony perfecting cream by L’occitane was an ok moisturizer, meaning it wasn’t causing my skin to break out, but it wasn’t doing any favors to it. Meaning that my skin looked dull, the texture was meh and it did nothing for my acne. When I started using the Oro Rosa facial oil I was inpressed! My skin now looks and feels (and is) healthy, looks supple and so moisturized. Aside from that it helped with my break outs. People have now complimented my skin which I thought it was never going to happen to me!

Luisa Chavez's Clean Swap
Luisa Chavez's Clean Swap

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