Lisa’s Best Face Wash For Gentle Skin

Lisa’s Best Face Wash For Gentle Skin

Check out what clean alternative Blogger Lisa Marie Holmes is using to a conventional product and why!

A Little Bit About Me

As a registered herbalist it is important to me that I support brands and products that are making sustainable, green, and effective skin health products. The skin is your largest detoxification organ, so I believe that what you put on it can either encourage health or prevent it.

Lisa’s Concerns: What I Look For In a Face Wash

When choosing a face wash I am looking for something that doesn’t irritate the natural oils in my skin and create a ph imbalance. It needs to be gentle yet effective at removing pollutants, dirt, and makeup.

I loved this Proactive Face Wash; Now I love Eminence 

I tried using Proactive in my early 20s and found that the harsh chemicals in the product line was extremely aggressive on my skin and perpetuated my pre-existing skin problems. It physically hurt using their line. When I switched to Eminence, I discovered how gentle yet cleansing an all natural product line can be. Their line is made up of fruit and vegetable based ingredients and are organic too. This line has been the only brand to ever give me confidence in a skin care regime.

Lisa Marie Holmes

Registered Herbalist and television personality helping people live healthier in their body and their home.

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Lisa's Best Face Wash For Gentle Skin - Discover Honest Reviews Of Non Toxic & Organic Skincare