Jolene’s Best Lipstick for A Pop of Colour

Jolene Hart Clean Beauty Swap

Jolene’s Best Lipstick for A Pop of Colour

Check out what clean alternative Health Coach Jolene Hart is using to a conventional product and why!

A Little Bit About Me

While I don’t wear foundation most days, I regularly reach for lipstick to make me feel put together. My favorite shades are vibrant fuschias, dabbed on over balm for a pop of color that isn’t overpowering.

Jolene’s Concerns: What I Look For In a Lipstick

I love a lipstick that delivers a great pop of color (fuchsia pinks are my favorite), with ingredients that are healthy enough to be edible. After all, we ingest out lip products little by little every time we eat, drink, or lick our lips.

I loved this Nars Lipstick in “Funny Face”; Now I love The Organic Skin Co. Lip Service in “Wisteria”

I love the bright fuchsia of Nars’ Funny Face lipstick; it was my go-to in my beauty editor days. But about 11 years ago I swapped over all of my personal care products to healthier versions, and this one had to go. Not long after, it made a list of lipsticks with the highest lead content, which reinforced my decision. Today, I have a whole lineup of similar natural colors, but I reach for The Organic Skin Co.’s Wisteria, a bit more of a berry tone but still vibrant with a blue undertone.
Jolene Hart Clean Beauty Swap

Jolene Hart

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