Jessah’s Best Highlight, for Glowy Skin

Jessah Amarante Clean Beauty Swap

Jessah’s Best Highlight, for Glowy Skin

Check out what clean alternative product Blogger Jessah Amarante is using to a conventional product and why!

A Little Bit About Me

With a background in the beauty and fashion industry for nearly 20 years. My Makeup kit had evolved quite a bit. I personally have been using green beauty brands for many years and for the first time in a long time I made the decision to give my professional makeup kit an entire green/clean and sustainable makeover by introducing reusable facial rounds to lessen the impact of waste on photoshoots. I’ve noticed there was always a small pile of mascara wands, cotton round pads, and q-tip applicators on every job I worked on. All that waste can clog drains and harm animals in the ocean. I’m a huge fan of reusable facial rounds, they’re a low-waste alternative to using disposable cotton balls/rounds for removing makeup and applying toner, their very easy to wash and it’s sustainable. This is my mega swap of the year!

Jessah’s Concerns: What I Look For In my Routine

My skin has a mind of its own. It’s wintertime and it’s time to give it all the moisture it needs! (Oh yeah- let’s not forget all the water intake as well!)

I rely on my natural skin glow because I do not like to wear makeup. I dabble on the most minimal to enhance my features when I do my skincare routine, It goes a little like this.

Once a week or when needed I do a facial with Gressa Skin’s Dirty Pretty Things, it’s loaded with Moroccan clay, traditional herbs, spices, and vitamin C.

Every other day, I use Pure principles cleanser based with Ayurveda oil, it leaves my skin refreshingly clean with a healthful glow and my daily cleanser that sadly just ran out of was Ella by Star Beauty ( it’s marketed for teens with acne-prone skin ) – It does not strip moisture from the skin and it is all-natural and super wonderful.

Let’s not forget the toner: Graydon’s hydrophilic (water-based)  It smells heavenly! and lastly, my alternating facial oil moisturizers, currently on Urang’s Glow Serum based with calendula and chamomile to soothe dry and sensitive skin – as well their S.O.S multi balm for my lip care.

Eyes – A bit tentative with this area. I should be more consistent, I would like to avoid crows feet. I do use Berlin Skin’s CoCo eye Butter, I love it because it contains vitamin c, carrot seed oil, and other healing plant-based oils. It makes my eyes feel super hydrated.

My skin is good standing aside for 1or 2 tiny breakouts around that time of the month. All the brands listed above are all-natural and non-toxic. I highly recommend them all.

I loved the Kevyn Aucoin Highlight; Now I love Ilia Liquid Highlight

Working as a beauty professional I had options in my makeup kit, this is why it took a long time to turn my kit into an all green and sustainable pro kit. (not all my client’s are going to be familiar with the brands I carried). Having familiar names in my kit like Bobbie Brown, Chanel, and Kevyn Aucoin made it easy for clients to know the results they were going to get because of what they’ve seen through marketing.   A Highlighter from Kevin Aucoin that I later swapped for Ilia’s liquid highlighter was the best decision for many reasons. It’s creamy, nontoxic, it blends beautifully and it’s all-natural! I personally use it on special occasion’s, however, it’s been my go-to highlighter for my recent shoots!

Jessah Amarante

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