Founder Spotlight: An Interview with Heasung Won from YULIP

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#Founderspotlight - YULIP - Heasung Won

One of the best lipsticks in the clean beauty industry: YULIP’s Non-toxic Wednesday Fever lipstick

Beauty that doesn’t harm ourself, our planet, and even animals. YULIP features non-toxic beauty that really outperforms conventional beauty.

After hearing Heasung’s story behind her award-winning product, and why she decided to start YULIP you’ll love her as much as we do.

What inspired you to start your business?

My whole career was related to beauty industry, even prior to my role as a founder/CEO of YULIP. Although I’ve never dreamed of owning my business, I always knew I would pursue something related to beauty. Beauty is my passion that makes me feel alive. However, my skin is too sensitive to embrace all the products I desire and love. I have had pretty bad allergic reactions to parabens, blue dyes, and chemical ingredients, therefore I couldn’t enjoy makeup products as much as I wanted. And when I became a mother to a daughter, I realized that most moms would be more careful of what they put on their skin because it would eventually transmit to our babies. That’s when I thought of a lipstick that I can actually wear without worrying about my daughter and that my daughter would wear it one day without hurting herself. So, long story short, my daughter is my muse and she inspired me to create YULIP.

In your journey of creating natural products, what were some roadblocks or issues that you were faced with?

Every step I made, there were always roadblocks. Back in 2016-2017, when I founded this brand in South Korea, I wasn’t even sure if there was any market for a ‘clean lipstick.’ It seemed to me that people didn’t really care about the ingredients of lipstick as much as they care about those of skincare products. Or they would think all-natural lipstick is not simply beautiful. It’s not fancy or trendy. Therefore, my first issue was to educate consumers, enlighten them with the facts of bad lipstick which wasn’t easy. But with my own true story, I constantly talked how bad lipsticks can be, how they linger around your face even after cleansing. Even finding the right manufacturer wasn’t easy. Most of the cosmetic labs or manufacturers didn’t meet my requirements in terms of sustainably sourced ingredients, all-natural ingredients, and cruelty-free. They would turn down my ideas and formulations because it would be less cost effective, longer process, and simply not conventional. But I couldn’t stop. I met almost every possible labs and finally found one. But even now every time I develop new shades or products, there are endless arguments and settlements. For them, I might be the most difficult person to work with for sure.

Your Wednesday Fever Lipstick is Top 3 for the 5th Clean Beauty Awards – can you tell us more about this product?

Many people often asked me who named the lipstick shades. Now that we have more people at YULIP, we share all our ideas together. However, back then when I first founded this company, I did everything from researching ingredients to naming products. Especially when I was naming the shades, I poured all my crazy ideas into them. This ‘Wednesday Fever,’ particularly, reflects my own desire. While I would nurse my daughter when she was a baby, like most moms do, I needed some rest badly, and I really wanted to have a break from everything. Weekdays felt like eternity to me back then, so I would dream of hanging out with my girlfriends on Wednesday nights with bold makeup on. A deep raspberry red shade is something that I’d love to wear on Wednesday to make me go through the week. But in reality, I was just a mom with an infant who doesn’t have a chance to wear bold red lips. That’s why I thought of subtle red that flatters most skin tones. The color everyone would wear which is ultra clean, moisturizing, super light to wear, and easy to remove. In order to complete this specific formulation, I spent almost a year from research of ingredients to finalization of the perfect deep berry red color.

We absolutely love the ethos of your company. Can you tell us more?

Our lipstick is created for all including sensitive people. Because I am one of them, and my daughter is also one of them, I knew exactly what I needed to create. If I could wear, that means many people who never wear lipstick could too. All of our products are made with natural (naturally-derived) ingredients, non-GMO, USDA and UK Soil Association certified organic ingredients. No artificial, synthetic, or chemical ingredients, no nano ingredients are allowed in our lipstick / vegan lip balm.

Most clean lipsticks still use fragrances from natural sources. However at YULIP, we decided not to use any fragrance in our lipstick even though it’s natural because it may cause allergic reactions among certain sensitive groups like mom-to-be. I strongly believe I can still create beautiful lipstick even with limited selection of ingredients.  And this clean beauty award proved that I took the right way.

Thank you Heasung for sharing your powerful story behind YULIP. Thank you for creating top quality award-winning natural lipsticks with bold and beautiful colours!

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Check out Wednesday Fever below!

Wednesday Fever Lipstick

2020 Lipstick 2nd Place Winner

Price: $26.00 USD


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