Founder Spotlight: An Interview with Elaine Li from Iremia Skincare

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#Founderspotlight - Iremia Skincare - Elaine Li

Two of the best face creams in the clean beauty industry: Iremia Skincare’s Soothing Lotion & Protective Cream

Iremia Skincare is a Toronto-based, cruelty-free, small-batch skincare line created by CPG brand veteran, Elaine Li. After years of working in corporate marketing, Elaine went on a personal quest to create something that would work for her sensitive skin and launched a soothing skincare line. Named after the Greek word for calm, Iremia Skincare has been created to provide a solution for those who have highly sensitive skin and offers a luxurious yet conscious and calming solution for the entire family.

After hearing Elaine’s story behind each award-winning product, and why she decided to start Iremia Skincare you’ll love her as much as we do.

What inspired you to start your business?

Finding something that was suitable for my reactive and sensitive skin, and that I could also use while pregnant and on my small child was the driving factor. I had rosacea and eczema, and had taken prescription medications, used prescription creams, used natural and non-natural products to try to calm my skin with no success and was determined to find something that would fit all my needs. I was also coming out of two miscarriages and was watchful and sensitive of the ingredients I needed (and wanted) to avoid.

In your journey of creating natural products, what were some roadblocks or issues that you were faced with?

Finding suitable ingredients, especially when it comes to keeping the products fresh, for my extremely reactive skin has been a big challenge. I have been known to react to ingredients that may be ‘safe’ for sensitive skin, so finding the right ingredients in combination with the formula can be a very long process. We take a slower approach to creating new products, taking our time to look for the right ingredients, to perfect the formulas and packaging and test it on our skin!

Your products are Top 3 for the 5th Clean Beauty Awards – can you tell us more about these products?

Our Soothing Lotion was the first product that we formulated. Working with an incredible chemist, it’s the perfect solution to sensitive skin but also acts as an anti-ageing moisturizer. Our products need to have multiple purposes in order to cut down the number of products we use on our sensitive skin, which is part of our ethos. It has an incredibly smooth texture and calming scent and really helps calm redness while smoothing out pores, wrinkles and fine lines. It’s our best seller.

As a formulator, you must have some special love for some ingredients. What are your favourites?

Sea buckthorn oil is one of my personal favourites. It has so many nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial to your skin and your health. It has been used for centuries to treat burns and scars, and is rich in essential fatty acids, tocopherols, phytosterols, and carotenes. It’s one of the 11 oils we use in the Restorative Facial Oil and contributes to the improvement of scars and healing.

Another favourite ingredient isn’t widely talked about but it’s African Mahogony Tree Bark extract. It’s our star ingredient in our Soothing Lotion, our newest award-winner, making it extra special. African mahogany is a medium-sized tree which can grow up to 15-20 m height. It’s bark and wood is valued in traditional medicine where it originates from and widely used against fever caused by malaria, and against stomach complaints, diarrhea, dysentery and anemia. We wanted to include it as part of our Soothing Lotion as it is proven to have multi-dimensional anti-ageing efficacy on improving skin elasticity, smoothing effect on pores and reducing fine lines and wrinkles, making our product multifunctional.

In studies, after 28 days of treatment with African Mahogany Tree Bark extract, a 9.6% improvement of immediate elasticity was observed. This improvement was confirmed after 56 days of treatment, with an 11.6% improvement over placebo. It has also shown a 13% and 16.2% improvement of crow’s feet wrinkle area and volume respectively, after 56 days of treatment. It improves wrinkle area and volume, smoothing of pores and fine lines, for a complete rejuvenating effect.

We absolutely love the ethos of Iremia Skincare. Can you tell us more?

Our ethos is propped up by three pillars that help us make decisions – conscious impact, mental health, and calming wellness. These break down into choosing quality over quantity (minimal approach), positive mental health and balance, and calming holistic wellness that fuels our search for ingredients that help with soothing our skin.

Our creation process is long. It’s driven by questioning our needs and if we truly need to add something to our product line. With consumerism at a high, we want to take a different approach and slow things down. From our quest to search for ingredients that are non-GMO that can help calm our skin, support and nurture it, to whether we can incorporate it into our rituals and routines, even to the quality of our packaging, we make sure our products can contribute to your sense of well-being.

In the end, we look forward to contributing towards your journey, whatever that may look like and wherever you are in it. Our hope is to help evoke a complete sense of calm into your daily beauty routine.

Thank you Elaine for sharing your powerful story behind Iremia Skincare. Thank you for creating top quality products revolved around holistic wellness and balance, that is meant to soothe us! Round of applause!

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Soothing Lotion

2020 FaceCream 1st Place Winner

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Protective Cream

2020 FaceCream 2nd Place Winner

Price: $58 CAD


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