Founder Spotlight: An Interview with Marlene Sali from Idunna Natural Skincare

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This year, Idunna Natural Skincare’s Mushroom Night Cream is a Finalist in the 5th Clean Beauty Awards!

Idunna’s Age Prevent Triple Mushroom Revitalizing Night Cream with MultiPeptides and Fruit Stem Cells secured a spot as a Finalist in CertClean’s Clean Beauty Awards most competitive category – FaceCare!

Idunna Natural Skincare is an indie beauty brand family owned and operated from Saskatchewan, specializing in combining multiple very small natural peptides for deeper absorption and fruit stem cells combined with herbal, botanical and fruit seed oils and extracts to help with skin issues and prevent early aging. We have a special interview with Marlene Sali; leaving her abusive husband, the single mother of four, Marlene sets out to sell the natural skincare products she formulated for herself – Marlene shares her “accidental” entrepreneurship story, her favourite ingredients and more!

What inspired you to create this unique mushroom night cream?

I formulated this product for personal reasons. I absolutely hate retinol based products. They made my face itchy, dry and red. So knowing betaCarotenes are turned into usable vitamin a aka retinol by the cells I combined Chaga and birch extract for their replenishing, antioxidant and healing benefits with shiitake for its Hyaluronic acid like effect and healing Reishi. Putting in the peptides to stimulate collagen and elastin as well as antioxidant stem cells to help stimulate this process adds to the benefit of this night cream. As it’s so full of replenishing ingredients I made it a night cream to work while you sleep as it’s absorbs well and makes good use of both oil and water soluble ingredients.

How did you start your business? Did you always want to be a business owner?

The thing most people don’t know about my business is how it started. I didn’t just decide one day to start a business. I don’t buy my formulas, I don’t have someone creating products for me.
I started because well I left my husband about ten years ago with four kids to look after. He was an abuser and, I suppose, it’s been a matter of revenge for him to work the system like a pro and avoid his child support payments. He presently owes me around fifty seven thousand dollars worth of unpaid child support.
As a RN I was picking up overtime almost every week to pay our bills. Then three years ago I broke my ankle and ended of work for a while and used up my sick time. Something people don’t know about me is I have a cardiac arrhythmia and it’s idiopathic so it can’t be fixed except with a pacemaker some day. Anyway, I threw a clot and had a mild MI two years ago and so due to the missed time at work and my part time position I was not able to pick up shifts. So I was encouraged by my friends to sell my products to make ends meet, and I did. And here I am today.

And I’m feeling so honoured to be sharing this as I was just being me and thinking of what I wanted to see a cream do for my skin! I’m still feeling surreal… I originally wanted a peptide cream that wasn’t out of my price range; the brands out there were out of my budget and contain ingredients I wanted to avoid so I made my own. And, now I have a couple different lines of creams that all work in their own ways and this just reinforced to me that I’m doing the right thing!

You are definitely doing the right thing! Your mushroom night cream is amongst the best performing face cream in the industry! Tell us more about this product.

I entered this product because it’s full of healthy skin regenerating and healing ingredients, and it’s largely ignored for how beneficial it is! It’s like a vitamin A treatment product without the dryness, irritation and redness you can get from a treatment that focuses only on high levels of vitamin A. The Chaga mushroom, shiitake and Reishi mushroom effects are boosted with the betaCarotenes that the cells turn into useable vitamin A and the further help the multiple peptide and fruit stem cells combinations to help increase collagen and elastin formation.
This is great for most skin types over 25 as it can help prevent early aging and helps with many skin issues (I’m a RN and it’s a cosmetic license so I can’t say it helps with acne) I made it when I was fighting with cystic acne from the hormonal changes and stress I was going through when I was right around the late 30s to early 40s and it hasn’t come back now that I’m almost 47!
The original balm that became this product is the one that started my business a couple years ago. Then as I realized other people wanted the same cream I was making for myself I started selling the creams with the peptides and fruit stem cells

We have a feeling that your favourite ingredients include the Chaga mushroom. Are we right?

My favourite ingredients are Chaga mushroom. It’s in many of my products as is birch extract. For one I’ve been creating salves and lotions with it for years and years. It’s an antioxidant ingredient rich in vitamins and minerals and also extremely powerful antioxidants so it can reduce the look of aging in the skin. Blueberry extracts are also so rich in vitamin A and C that it’s also in most of my products for its absorbability and nourishing benefits to keep cells healthy. I love betaCarotenes to help speed cellular turnover and replenish the look of the skin, and I love pumpkin extract for its nutrient content and mild exfoliation as well to allow the multiple peptides and stem cells to be absorbed deep into the skin to have an effect at the dermal layer to help stimulate collagen and elastin. I choose to use typically three to four different types of peptides for their absorbabilty and different effects the studies of the suppliers have shown and that way you get a better effect than with only one in the long term..

As you know, our community is quite health/eco-conscious. What do you think makes you or your product different than others in the market?

This formula has been in the making since before I became a business to help myself and the friends who were asking. So it’s been remade so many times I can’t even count them. I took some online classes on how formulate with natural ingredients as I wanted to be sure I was doing it right, and had a good understanding of how the herbals work together and with peptides to make a quality product that absorbs into the skin instead of sitting on the skin wasting those valuable ingredients.
I use as many certified organic and gmo free ingredients as I can find and highlight them in the label. I also don’t do animal testing or use any animal or insect related ingredients as I believe with the lack of bees that honey, beeswax and the pollens and royal jellies should be medicinal until they are abundant again. I use glass packaging as much as I can to reduce the plastic I put into the environment even the body lotions. I know many of the plastics are recyclable but the problem is there’s too much plastic to deal with it properly at this point in time. Maybe that will change in the future but for now it’s a major world wide problem so I prefer not to add to it even though I am a very small business.

Thank you Marlene for sharing your inspirational story. And congratulations again on getting recognition on your Age Prevent Triple Mushroom Revitalizing Night Cream with MultiPeptides and Fruit Stem Cells!

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