Founder Spotlight: An Interview with Amanda-Jane Healy from Everkind

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#Founderspotlight - Everkind - Amanda-Jane Healy

This year, New Zealand’s Everkind has 2 products as Finalists in Certclean’s Clean Beauty Awards!

If you are in the market for a deodorant and or a beard balm, look no further! Everkind has you covered – its Ultra Organic Deodorant and Original Face and Beard Balm may just be what you need.
At Everkind, they’re on a mission to give you a kinder alternative to mainstream body care. Their certified organic, award-winning body care “brings a moment of luxury and total peace-of-mind to your morning routine”. You can not go wrong with a motto “we’re a body care that’s better for your body and better for everybody”!.
We are excited to share our interview with Everkind’s founder, Amanda-Jane Healy as she shares how she chooses to radiate kindness in all that she does!

What inspired you to create a natural skincare brand?

Everybody has a turning point. Maybe yours is a moment of realisation, a wellness awakening, or at worst a health crisis. This turning point pushes you to understand that what you consume and the products you use – it all matters! It impacts not only your body and your health but the people behind the products and our planet.
Once you’ve had this realisation, you can’t simply keep using conventional products.
For me, that turning point was becoming a mum. No matter where I looked I couldn’t find truly natural products that actually worked. My body care kept coming with compromises.

This problem set me on an incredible journey that led me to create Everkind – a better kind of body care that nourishes both you and your world. All of our products are body kind, people kind and planet kind – always!

Why does organic ingredients matter to you?

When my children were young we moved from the city to a small rural block. We wanted our children to grow up with the freedom and joy of living close to nature. Unfortunately we picked a block opposite a market garden. On the first morning there we were greeted by the whirring of a huge horticultural spray machine. That machine went up and down the crops so often that my daughter’s first word was ‘bayer’. Our health suffered. As a mum it also opened my eyes to what was really going on in conventional horticulture. I wanted a different future for my children and that’s what started me on this journey for practical solutions without compromise.

Why did you choose to get your products certified organic?

Greenwashing is a huge problem in body care products. How many times have you thought you were buying organic, only to get it home and read the fine print and it’s not organic at all. I wanted to create products that people could trust. Which is why Everkind is certified organic and certified cruelty free. Our whole supply chain is audited and monitored to ensure you get exactly what you paid for.

Please tell us more about Everkind’s Ultra Organic Deodorant! Why do you think it is considered as one of the best deodorant in the clean beauty sector?

Everkind Ultra Organic Deodorant is a world first. Made with a base of organic camellia oil and organic beeswax, it doesn’t go rock hard in winter or soft in summer. It’s gentle on the skin and won’t mark your clothes. The sodium bicarbonate is naturally occurring, not created in a laboratory and the unique essential oil blends have been created to not only smell amazing but also to maximise odour control.

Ultra won organic product of the year 2018 and 2019 and has been blessed with personal endorsements from top New Zealand athletes.

Curious, what are your favourite ingredients and why?

The highlight for me has been working with all the beautiful organic essential oils from around the world. Each one is like a little miracle, with its own scent and unique properties. We use Pelargonium roseum in Ultra. It has a beautiful rose scent not like other geraniums and blends magnificently with manuka and lavender true.

There is now so much scientific research on the antibacterial power of essential oils and their ability to calm and relax the mind. They really are a gift to humanity.

Why the name “Everkind”? Why does it mean to you to be “kind”?

Kindness can change everything. We believe bringing a touch of kindness to everything we do will help build a better tomorrow.
That’s why our products go beyond simply nourishing your skin. Everkind is about doing good for people and the planet too.
Everkind is sustainable by design – certified organic, certified cruelty free, using compostable and recyclable packaging. Everything we do is designed to be planet kind.
Our customers believe it’s not just what you sell but what you stand for that counts. And we’re on a mission to do good for people. Paying a living wage and giving at least 20% of profits to help make a difference for people in need.

We feel very fortunate to have such an awesome bunch of customers that want to conquer with kindness!


Thank you Amanda-Jane for sharing your entrepreneurship journey with us and being the change you want to see in the world! Thank you for your kindness!

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Learn more about the finalists below!

EverKind Organic Deodorant – Ultra Stick

2020 OdourCare Finalist

Price: $17.84 USD

EverKind Organic Face and Beard Balm – Original

2020 BeardCare Finalist

Price: $20.23 USD


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