Founder Spotlight: An Interview with Lisa Strong from aiona alive skin care

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This year, aiona alive skin care’s e-citrus exfoliating cleanser has won first place in CertClean’s Clean Beauty Awards!

aiona alive skin care’s e-citrus exfoliating cleanser is amongst the top performing clean beauty products in the industry! This is no easy feat!

We jumped at the opportunity to interview the founder, Lisa, to learn about how it all began.

Hollywood makeup artist and creator, Lisa Strong has been a professional in film and television for 22 years. During her passion for the art, Lisa became aware of the effects of environmental toxins on the skin and was prompted to develop products that feel like a wearable, breathable, moisture mask. It was her goal to develop all natural, organic skincare products that not only reduce the appearance of fine lines, redness and rosacea, but also brings back the skin’s natural PH balance.

Lisa assembled a team of scientists, researchers and formulators together from Canada and Europe to create aiona alive. On her brand vision, Lisa writes: “My mission is to bring the beauty of smooth, glowing, hydrated skin in a healthy range to the forefront of the market. To provide anti aging products that help acne sufferers and bring alkalinity back to even the most sensitive skin.”

Read on to learn more about the incredible story behind Lisa’s mission, her most loved ingredients, and what makes aiona alive absolutely revolutionary.

What inspired you to start your business?

I have been a makeup artist in the film industry for over 20 years. During that time I gained considerable knowledge of the detrimental effects that chemical laden skin care products and cosmetics have on the skin. Which is why I developed an All natural skin care line with high performance ingredients. aiona alive is revolutionary – It brings skin care to a new level, by using a pure form of Collagen from the silver carp fish. This source of collagen is most compatible with our own triple helix, which allows for penetration to the epidermis. Creating a formulation with peptides and silver carp collagen with no petrochemicals and skin irritating preservatives became my mission. I found using these combined ingredients boosted the health of skin and healed skin conditions.

Please tell us more about your e-citrus exfoliating cleanser! Why do you think it was so well-loved by Clean Beauty Awards’ judging panel?

aiona alive e-citrus cleanser stands on its own! It already has a built in natural exfoliator( decyl glucoside). It removes waterproof mascara and all make-up without stripping your skin. It helps clear up mild acne breakouts and heals skin conditions. It has a refreshing natural citrus scent. You do not need a toner, this cleanser does it all!

In your journey of creating natural products, what were some roadblocks or issues that you were faced with?

I found trying to find a clean/green preservation system that could stabilize the collagen and peptides was not an easy task! It took me and my formulators 3 years to research ingredients/preservation systems and finally found a great fit. Definitely more expensive but worth the quality and is rated a 3 and under on the EWG’s

As a formulator, you must have some special love for some ingredients. What are your favourites?

I love silver carp collagen! This source of collagen is most compatible with our own triple helix. The molecules are small enough which allow for penetration in the epidermis. Collagen plumps the skin and helps heal skin conditions. To add to mix of powerhouse ingredients are peptides! My night cream has 5 peptides; Pentapeptide-31 ( Rejuvenates our stem cells) Acetyl Dipeptide-1 Cetyl Ester (Tightens the skin) sh- Hexapeptide-2 ( Improves skin firmness and elasticity) Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 ( Helps to produce more collagen) sh- Pentapeptide-6 ( Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines) Removes Puffiness Increases elastin & Hyaluronic Acid Synthesis You can not forget the healing properties of plant extracts. These ingredients together created a powerful anti-oxidant and natural anti-aging skin care line, that works!!

Thank you Lisa for sharing your powerful story behind aiona alive. Your products are certainly bringing the beauty of smooth, glowing, hydrated skin in a healthy range to the forefront of the market! Well done!

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