How to Detox Your Bathroom

How to Detox Your Bathroom Emma Rohmann
Emma Rohmann

Emma Rohmann
Green at Home

Emma Rohmann is a mom of 2, environmental engineer, and environmental health expert who helps families create healthier, greener homes simply.

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How to Detox Your Bathroom Emma Rohmann

A couple of weeks ago, I shared 3 steps to help you avoid overwhelm when making green changes in your home. Over the next few blogs, I’ll be diving into more specific strategies for every room in your home, with a focus on reducing toxic chemicals.

Why am I focusing on detoxing your home? Because so much of what we bring into our homes is being shown to affect our health – from hormone issues to asthma and allergies, the science is substantial. This is why I think detoxing a great place for you to start if you’re struggling to figure out where to start on your health and wellness journey!

Last week on the blog, I covered the basics of how chemicals in our homes affect our health. Today, I will show you how you can apply my 3 strategies to overcome overwhelm and detox your bathroom starting today.

Getting Started

Your bathroom is a great place to start with a home detox because it’s relatively easy to stay focused. You’re really looking at one category of products to detox – personal care products. Now, looking back at my 3 steps to overcome overwhelm, step one is to identify what’s important to you. With personal care products, this could be anything from reducing asthma or eczema symptoms to switching to natural products for baby to avoiding hormone disruptors or carcinogens. Put some thought into what’s important to you, because it will make it a lot easier to make a change if it’s something you care about.

Reading Labels

Next, you want to focus on one thing to change that will get you closer to your goal. This could mean looking at what’s in your shower, make-up bag, or baby care products for example. Read the ingredients on products only in the one area you’re focusing on and determine if there are any you want to switch out.

There are some tools you can use to help, like the Dirty Dozen cosmetic ingredients to avoid, or apps like Think Dirty or online databases like EWG’s Skin Deep.

Switching Out

Replacing all your products at once is not only daunting, but just not feasible in many cases. This is why it’s so important to focus on a small category of products first. Once you know which products you want to replace, make a plan to find replacements. Don’t forget the option to not replace something! Take stock of what you actually use and need and decide if there’s something you can just stop using altogether.

When you’re ready to replace, you can take a trip to your local health food store or pop into the Green Product Forum for starters. You can also check out PurPick’s product review site too.

Rinse and Repeat

When you’ve got your first batch of products detoxed, move onto the next category and follow the same process.

This doesn’t have to be time consuming, but it does require some thought and focus. The great news is that once you go through the process once and find products you like, you can just keep buying them – no extra effort required!

It’s Not All Money

This is just one way to start your detox. There are other strategies that don’t cost anything at all but can help you detox your bathroom. And I make sure to share lots of these free tips in my upcoming online program, Your Healthy Home. Not only will I walk you through exactly how to choose which products to focus on, how to read the labels effectively (and simply), what products to replace them with, and where to find them, but I will also share the free and easy strategies you can do right away.

If you’re ready to take your health into your hands, and truly create a healthier home, I would love to help you! Join me for my online program, Your Healthy Home. Join the waitlist to be the first to learn more here.

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