Founder Spotlight: An Interview with Robert Mars from The PÜRE Collection

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#Founderspotlight - The PÜRE Collection - Robert Mars

The PÜRE Collection, is a successful award-winning, 100% Certified Organic (COSMOS standard, by Ecocert) prestige, gender neutral skincare brand.

The brand is set apart from others, as it is the only Certified Organic, Cruelty Free, PETA and Vegan brand using only rare and exotic oils, such as Rose Otto from Bulgaria, Sandalwood from Australia and Oud from Thailand, all formulated in-house perfectly presented.

Advocating healthy ageing, with a simple, but uncompromising approach in ethical skincare for the discerning, conscious consumer. As a brand, governed by the belief in being totally accountable and transparent with the majority of the ingredients being traced from earth to bottle.

What inspired you to start your business?

From its very root, the PÜRE Hotels and Spas in Marrakech, little retreats tucked away from the everyday hustle and bustle, were sanctuaries completely devoted to the senses, temples of wellbeing, dedicated to health, holistic healing and rejuvenation.

Guests requested the oils repeatedly, often long after arriving home. Recognising that they craved the luxury and skincare benefits of the exclusive signature treatments beyond the walls of their hotel & spa experience, The PÜRE Collection was founded.

In the process of creating and developing The PÜRE Collection, one of the founders, was diagnosed with Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia (COP) after walking past a public statue being cleaned with harsh chemicals. Furthermore, within a couple of months of being released from hospital, he was diagnosed with cancer. Can you imagine the devastation, the hurt and anger that this was brought about by the multitude of unnecessary pollutants and man-made chemicals abundantly found in our everyday lives? We just did not want, we HAD to do something.

What were some roadblocks/issues that you have faced? How have you prevailed?

Becoming Certified Organic to COSMOS standard by Ecocert was a real challenge, expensive and time consuming, but we felt it was worth the challenge as we felt we wanted the purity of our products to reflect our own personal beliefs for our customers.
Another challenge which we still face is the difficulty of finding authentic Certified Organic rare and exotic oils for our continuing range of products. Thankfully we now have a very trustworthy supply chain whom we are able to rely on.

What is one of your favourite products? Can you tell us more about this product?

One of our favourite products is our Beard Oil -Private Blend as it took a very long time in formulating. We use rare oils that not only are exotic, but also work fabulously well together for their intended use. We are very proud that we are the only brand in the world that uses real, authentic OUD, making our beard oil not only the most expensive oil in the world but also one of the purest.

What are your favourite ingredients and why?

We only use certified organic approved ingredients, some of our favourites are Agarwood (OUD), Rose Otto and Jasmine as the scents are far more genuine and realistic than those of lower quality oils and synthetically fabricated ones. Like when wearing your favourite party clothes or Sunday best, wearing these oils make you feel special. Why Certified Organic matters to us?
There are no legal standards for the use of the term ‘Organic’ in beauty products, therefore any brand can label their products, ‘organic’, even if it contains virtually no organic ingredients.

Being ‘Certified Organic’ by an official certification body ensures that a minimum of 95% of the ingredients must be organic.

Our Certified Organic ingredients are the most Pure and Premium available on the market.

Share your brand ethos and how you demonstrate credibility as it relates to your formulation and ingredients

Our brand ‘s single-minded commitment to the purity of our ingredients and authenticity of formulations that is truly unique combined with 100% transparency. All reflected in the fact that we do not hide behind vague terminology as ‘fragrance, scents or parfum’ as many brands do. We list exactly what is in the bottle so you know exactly what you will be applying.

What are some myths in the clean/green beauty sector that should be debunked?

Unfortunately, the public is susceptible to constant mis-marketing and vague liberal use of terminology such as “natural”, “clean” “green” etc. These words which are bantered around are greatly overused and have no value per se. They are simply buzzwords that suggest safety and purity but have no underlying authenticity.

Why have we gone through investing time and money to become “Certified Organic” as opposed to “Organic”?

There are no legal standards for the use of the term ‘Organic’ in beauty or skincare products.

Being ‘Certified Organic’ by an official certification body ensures that a minimum of 95% of the ingredients are organic, whilst being “Organic” only 1% of the total ingredients needs to be organic.

Being “Certified Organic” also means all packaging must be recyclable, all cleaning areas must be cleaned with approved organic products and an annual inspection of our full manufacturing process by the Certifying body is undertaken to ensure compliance.

It is a pity that many skincare experts, bloggers, influencers, beauty retailers and beauty e-commerce sites STILL do not know the difference between “Organic” and “Certified Organic”.

Our “Certified Organic” ingredients are the most Pure and Premium available on the market.

Thank you Robert Mars for sharing your powerful story behind The PÜRE Collection Your dedication for creating top quality products that are kind to the earth and kind to people is absolutely inspiring!

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