Founder Spotlight: An Interview with Prudence Millsap from Beauty by Earth


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Beauty by Earth is all about non-toxic and biodegradable formulations for your skin and hair that are effective and actually work.

They formulate with only natural and organic ingredients, are certified cruelty free and are all about products from and for the earth.



What inspired you to start your business?

After having our first kid, who ended up having some medical issues, we really decided to clean up the products in our house. To us, this meant toxic household cleaners, toxic personal care products and switching our food over to organic.

With the personal care products, the more I started researching ingredients, the more I realized just how much green-washing goes on in the industry. Brands marketing themselves as “clean” and then you read the ingredients and it leaves something to be desired.

There were a few good clean brands out there, but then the price point was cost-prohibitive to the average American.

So, we decided to start formulating products that were truly clean at a price point that was affordable to the average person. I surely didn’t know everything there was to know about business and logistics, so I dragged my long-time friend Ryan into the business and we co-founded Beauty by Earth.

What were some roadblocks/issues that you have faced? How have you prevailed?

When you have never worked in manufacturing, sourcing and logistics, there sure is a LOT to learn in owning a physical products business. We have had all kinds of road blocks – space, money and people. We quite literally started with our garages being our warehouses and bootstrapping galore. But if you keep at something and have no plan B, you can make anything happen.

What is one of your favourite products? Can you tell us more about this product?

Everyone’s favorite from Antonin .B is the Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum. It works on all hair types and all you need is a few drops: for shine, conditioning and stronger hair (without the potential crispiness of proteins).

What are your favourite ingredients and why?

I would have to say Organic Aloe Vera. Its just so versatile and we use it in almost all of our products. It does wonders for skin and hair.

Share your brand ethos and how you demonstrate credibility as it relates to your formulation and ingredients

We custom formulate all of our products with some amazing Cosmetic Chemists. If the ingredient is available as organic, we certainly pay the extra for organic and whenever we can, have our products certified organic as well.

It takes anywhere from 6 months to a year to get the product to where we want it. We have a group of product testers, that includes ourselves, who test everything and we keep at it until we are more than pleased.

We do not test on animals and are a certified Cruelty Free brand.

What are some myths in the clean/green beauty sector that should be debunked?

We really hope to educate people more on ingredients to understand just what they are putting on their skin. It is beyond just branding a company as a “clean beauty” brand. There is just so much more to it. Clean beauty doesn’t have to be expensive. Expensive doesn’t mean it’s clean or uses better ingredients.


Thank you Prudence Millsap for sharing your powerful story behind Beauty by Earth Your dedication for creating top quality products that are kind to the earth and kind to people is absolutely inspiring!

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Founder Spotlight: An Interview with Prudence Millsap from Beauty by Earth - Discover Honest Reviews Of Non Toxic & Organic Skincare