Founder Spotlight: An Interview with Lisa Brill from Qet Botanicals


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Founder Spotlight: An Interview with Lisa Brill from Qet Botanicals


Needed, developed, shared, and founded by a woman with sensitive skin, hormonal acne, Rosacea, and auto immune issues, Qet Botanicals is all about clean, healthy, cruelty-free, plant-based, and non-toxic ingredients. Made in fresh batches and shared directly from their Skin Studios to your doorstep, there’s something for everyone. Hair, body, skin, and care products with a conscious. Qet Botanicals is an EWG Verified brand and has won over a dozen awards for their treatments. An indie brand with a heart, to Qet it’s about the natural actives from nature and what they bring to the table ~ not only when it comes to the foods that nourish our bodies, but also through the select botanicals that feed our skin. Ancient treatments and proven, plant actives are curated in a fresh and modern way to share their passion for clean ingredients and what they stand for: authenticity, effectiveness, and health.

What inspired you to start your business?

After dealing with acne, Rosacea, auto immune, sensitive skin, breakouts, wrinkles, oily skin, and dry skin, and other hair and health changes all in a short amount of time, I knew I had to find something that I enjoyed using, was safe, and that could help my skin calm and clear without upsetting my hormones. You could say that it was my skin that made me do it.

What were some roadblocks/issues that you have faced? How have you prevailed?

Qet Botanicals was launched in April of 2013. We’re basically a word-of-mouth business and love to work directly with our customers. Skincare is a sensitive subject, sometimes literally!, so keeping our doors of communication open makes sense for all of us. With time, we notice that natural ingredients can chance with the seasons ~ their natural aromas, texture, and even color can change, but their performance remains the same. Because we freshly batch our own proprietary treatments, we sometimes notice this difference in our treatments. We’ve educated our customers that it’s the nature of being natural… authentic ingredients change, synthetics do not. Additionally, a synthetic ingredient, even a safe synthetic ingredient, cannot take the place of an organic and natural plant active or phytonutrient. And this is what we love about our truly natural treatments.

What is one of your favourite products? Can you tell us more about this product?

One of our customer faves, as well as ours!, is our Lavish Serum Salve. It’s won multiple awards and is that very special product you’d want to take with you if you were ever stranded on a deserted island. It’s the only salve we make and it includes some of our favorite oils from our facial serums. Originally meant to help protect the skin in frigid temperatures, it’s become a an eco-friendly, multi-use treatment. It can be loved as a favorite weekly hydrating mask, and can be used nightly as a leave on treatment for the face around the eyes, nose, lips and neck. It’s meant to be used lavishly, so even the hands, elbows and feet benefit from it. It’s fresh, it’s been helpful to those with skin sensitivities and rashes, it’s hydrating, and it’s meant to be used lavishly and loved equally on the face as well as anywhere the skin needs that little extra pampering. It’s very concentrated so just a tiny amount melted between the fingertips and applied where desired is all that is needed. It’s lavish, indeed. 🙂

What are your favourite ingredients and why?

Letting you know what is our favorite ingredient is like asking us who is our favorite child or favorite pet… we sincerely love them! It’s because of their high-performing and proven results, and the joy they bring to using them, is why we include them in our proprietary treatments.

If we had to pick just two, it would be our rosehip seed oil which is derived from both the seeds and the fruit of the rosehips. Rather than use a synthetic vitamin as a vitamin serum, or something that oxidized right away, our use of rosehip replaces the toxic and synthetic version of Retinol and its counterparts.

Another favorite? Broccoli seed oil. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, we love it in our face and hair treatments. Silicones are found in so many face and hair products, and silicones can clog pores, increase breakouts, and even make hair brittle. We blend broccoli seed oil with other botanical oils and it’s like nature’s version of silicone… without any plastics, polymers, or harmful ingredients.

Thyme, turmeric, cranberry seed oil, jasmine, raspberry seed oil ~ these are a few of our other favorites because of their unique phytonutrients they bring to our skin strengthening and performing abilities.

Share your brand ethos and how you demonstrate credibility as it relates to your formulation and ingredients

Because we are completely and wholly involved in our development, formulation, and fulfillment processes, we verify, hand-select, and curate our treatments from start to finish. As a part of the EWG Verified program, not only are our ingredients scrutinized for safety, allergens, toxicity, hormone disruptors, and for our overall health, the percentage of active ingredients are also reviewed, as well as our manufacturing practices. We’re consistently reviewing data to ensure that individual ingredients are included in the freshest way and in the safest amounts. We choose organic ingredient whenever possible, and work with ethical farmers and suppliers to give us ingredients that are wildcrafted, sustainable, cruelty free, free of residual chemicals, and are free of GMOs. We’ve developed a special box to house many of our facial serums that reduces waste, ink, and environmental impact. Our labels are also tree free, and we’ve received a sustainability award for these efforts. In addition to being a part of EWG Verified and Skin Deep, we’re also part of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, we’re a Green America Certified Business. It takes us between 12-18 months to bring a product to market, and we only test on ourselves and friends and family ~ never on our furry friends.

What are some myths in the clean/green beauty sector that should be debunked?

We hear often from our customers that they thought a previous product was safe, or clean, or free of synthetics because it says it’s natural on the label. Many time a product will include natural ingredients, but it may also include a handful of synthetics. If a label states “fragrance” on its label, it could literally have hundreds of ingredients wrapped within the word “fragrance” without having to disclose each ingredient individually. Using lab manufactured ingredients to mimic a natural ingredient may mean that the ingredient may look or feel like the real ingredient, but it cannot contain the same number of constituents that a real oil, botanical, or plant active contains. Then other artificial ingredients are often incorporated to try to improve the performance of the synthetic. The end result is an artificially manufactured product that may have some natural ingredients in it, but still may contain harmful or toxic additives. In the natural beauty world, many times the results continue to improve with time, just like when we improve our eating habits or our exercise routine. We’ll see the great results continue to flourish with time.

Do you have something additional to share with the community?

As a gal with a handful of health, skin, and hormonal problems, I knew I had to do something to help my condition. Between by endocrinologist, my dermatologist, my enzyme specialist, and my allergist, my overall health was not happy and I didn’t feel comfortable taking oral and topical prescriptions.

As soon as I started to develop a small amount of my own treatments, and when I took matters into my own hands, I saw and felt the change for the better in my skin, hair, and in my body as a whole.

If you’ve had similar situations, and we know that many of you have because we hear it all of the time, let us know and let us guide you to ways that you can naturally achieve your best health ~ without the use of anything artificial or harmful.

From lip balms, to deodorants, to face, body and hair treatments, even aromatherapy… we have something for everyone in the family.

We’re a family, too, and we’re here to help you along on your clean journey.

Thank you Lisa Brill for sharing your powerful story behind Qet Botanicals Your dedication for creating top quality products that are kind to the earth and kind to people is absolutely inspiring!

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