Founder Spotlight: An Interview with Gudrun Wurm from the Little Butterfly London

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Founder of Little Butterfly London - Gudrun Wurm

Little Butterfly London is an award-winning luxury Ecocert organic-certified skincare brand for both
mothers and babies created by Gudrun Wurm who, as a new mother, was inspired to create the
range to nurture her newborn son’s delicate skin, giving him the best start in life whilst making their
time together as magical as possible.

What inspired you to start your business?

My inspiration came with the birth of my son Lucas. I tried to find – and failed – to find products which
I felt were good enough to use on his sensitive skin which were organic, gentle yet highly effective
and beautifully packaged. I really wanted to create something to support that unique emotional
experience which goes with having a newborn and those precious moments that go with it.

What were some roadblocks/issues that you have faced? How have you prevailed?

The most challenging aspects when launching the brand was to get it known to a wider audience,
which typically can only be achieved with strong marketing efforts, which often comes with a high
price tag. Smaller brands need to be creative as they can’t afford what the bigger or more
established brands can. We work closely with our retailers to help support them with the brand as
well authentic and engaged influencers who have been instrumental in getting our brand ‘out there’.

What is one of your favourite products? Can you tell us more about this product?

One of our latest products is also one of my favourite products, the Wrapped in Love calming anti-pollution face cream for babies. It’s really the perfect answer for an urban family. The cream acts as a barrier protecting delicate baby skin from harsh environmental pollutants, while also soothing and calming even the most sensitive of skins thanks to its unique anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant combination of organic ingredients. It’s suitable for newborn, eczema-prone, ultra-sensitive and reactive skin, this is the perfect face skin cream for every baby (and even mum too!).

What are your favourite ingredients and why?

Little Butterfly London is created in London from carefully sourced ingredients throughout the UK and we ensure that only the purest, safest and most effective ingredients are used across the range. Our ‘hero’ product which is our Soft as Moonlight nappy changing cream actually contains many of my favourite ingredients. It contains 18 natural ingredients including calendula, meadowsweet, oat kernel extract and a series of precious oils and butters, all of which combine to create a comforting and healing lotion which will can prevent and soothe nappy rash. It also adds moisture to dry and sore patches of skin, which makes it the perfect handbag sized, go-to product.

Thank you Gudrun Wurm for sharing your powerful story behind Little Butterfly London.Your dedication for creating top quality products that are kind to the earth and kind to people is absolutely inspiring!

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