FaceWash Awards: First Place – Salicylic Cleanser Moor Spa

This gentle exfoliating cleanser is perfect for those, who dream about even, radiant and glowy skin! With Salicylic cleanser from Moor Spa, you can be sure that all the dark spots acne scars will disappear – and it is not harsh on the skin or the body.


This award-winning cleanser is created with oily/acne prone skin in mind: the combination of more than 20 effective ingredients work magic on your skin by properly cleaning your pores without distorting the natural pH balance of the skin.

As you might notice from the name, this cleanser has the salicylic acid among other acids in its composition. However, all of these acids, just like all the other ingredients, are derived from nature. For instance, the source of the salicylic acid in this product is a willow bark.

In addition, this product is certified by the CertClean, North America’s leading certification for safer beauty and personal care products.

Wait… that’s not it, this Salicylic Cleanser from Moor Spa also is a winner of the Clean Beauty Awards – it well – deserved a right to be called the Best Face Wash of 2017!

How to use it?

Apply the Moor Spa Salicylic Cleanser with water and gently massage over face and neck. Rinse with tepid water and repeat, if necessary.

At home – use a.m. and p.m, depending on your skin routine.

What are others saying about this Moor Spa Salicylic Cleanser?

There is no surprise that happy owners of Moor Spa Salicylic Cleanser have been praising this product:

“I have combination skin and get occasional break-outs. I stopped using conventional salicylic cleansers a while ago since I try to choose products that are as natural as possible (or as non-toxic as possible), so I was very happy to learn that there are ‘clean’ options out there as alternatives when I saw this one.”

Customer reviews highlighted the amazing ability of this cleanser it actually even out the skin tone:

“After using this product for about a week (even after one day), I noticed my complexion clearing up and becoming more even… I was so happy!”

Others also noted the great design of the bottle and ease of use – the large dispenser is a game-changer!


Did you have any experience with this Moor Spa Salicylic Cleanser? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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