From damaged to dazzling hair – The switch from conventional to clean beauty


‘I had color treated hair which looked dried-out, damaged and frizzy’ says Amy Sousa, a beauty enthusiast, full-time blogger and a pianist about her beauty grails.

For years, she experimented with products with conventional chemicals, and Amy mentions “When I used a range of beauty care products without any toxins for the first time, my skin and hair drastically improved. It was in that moment that I realized that you really don’t need harsh chemicals to get a good result!”

Amy has a really dry skin and a slightly oily forehead. Her hair type is frizzy, damaged and chemically straightened. Here are some products Amy has tried and loved:

Chorus Supernatural: Shampoo and Conditioner

“They are really gentle on your hair so it won’t ruin it if you wash your hair several times a week (like most people do). My hair feels super soft and healthy (after straightening it) considering all of the damage that I’ve caused to it.’’

Moor Spa: Purifying Massage Balm and Body Lotion

“The product claims to be non-greasy and I was surprised to see that an oil can actually be non-greasy. You have to try it to understand!’’

If there is a scale from 1 (conventional products) to 10 (nontoxic beauty products) – where are you on this scale?  Where do you want to be? Comment below!

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