Clean Beauty Awards HairWash Second Place: Clean Dry Shampoo – Mabrook & Co.


The dry shampoo is a savior for super busy people! When it is also made from naturally derived ingredients that strengthen your hair – it is even better. This is exactly the case with this Clean Dry Shampoo from Mabrook & Co.

Their Clean Dry Shampoo is a finely milled powder that is created to prolong the time between washes. The award-winning formula of this shampoo contains pure silk amino acids and bamboo leaf extract, which are combined with numerous natural powders and clays to nurture and refresh your hair. The presence of organic essential oils in this Clean Dry Shampoo makes it incredibly valuable for your scalp.

This product is cruelty – free, as it has never been tested on animals.

How to use it?

You can use this before bed or prior to styling your hair in order to refresh and nourish them. This shampoo will also add volume and absorb excess oil.

Spray on roots, massage into scalp and hair and brush out. In case of any irritation or rash, it is recommended to discontinue the use.

Another great fact about this Mabrook & Co Clean Dry Shampoo – it is the runner-up of the Best Hair Wash 2017 Clean Beauty Awards.

What do people say about this Mabrook & Co Clean Dry Shampoo?

One of the customer testimonials stated:

“I hate washing my hair, but really feel that it is one of those things we just need to do. I am also not a morning person and frequently leave my hair washing to the morning. You can see my dilemma.

I have used other dry shampoos for a long time, but can typically only go for 2 days on it as my hair is quite fine and it tends to look limp after a while. I’ve also had some major concerns about the chemicals in other dry shampoo products.”

Happy owners of this Mabrook & Co Clean Dry Shampoo said that they really enjoyed the amazing scent of this product, as well:

“With Mabrook & Co Clean Dry Shampoo, I have been able to get away with 3-4 days between washings, allowing me a bit of a sleep in and to still get to work on time. My hair is full of body and does not look limp. I love the lemony scent, and the large bottle has lasted me months so far!”

Did you have any experience with Mabrook & Co Clean Dry Shampoo? Share with us in the comments section below.

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